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Google Revamps Their ‘What Browser?’ Site

Google has rebuilt its ‘What Browser?’ website in HTML5, with a fresh new look and feel.┬áis a website that aims to educate users new to computers what a web browser is, what they’re running and how to update their web browser if it isn’t running the latest version.

What Browser?

Clear, simple and good looking

Although the website has been created by Google, its purpose is to offer unbiased information about the browser that has been used to access the site, as well as to offer a choice of other browsers to download.

More information on the visual refresh can be found on the Google Chrome Blog.

  • cakezula

    Very well designed and executed. I’ll be sending along to family/friends who have little to no concepts of “browser” and/or “online security”. Not putting those folks down, just pointing out how well this site communicates.

  • Er… Why do I get the website in German?

    • PhantomTurtle

      Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page and change the language to English(Its at the bottom right).

  • PhantomTurtle

    I like how its unbiased and doesn’t only promote Chrome.

  • Internet Explorer isn’t there…then again it’s a sorry excuse for a browser.

    • But it is…

    • PhantomTurtle

      It is for Windows users but not for OSX or Linux users because it isn’t compatible with Linux or OSX, which is good because we don’t want it.

      • Ah, I was going to say: “Bold move Google. Bold move”

        • PhantomTurtle

          I think they should do that for Windows users too (not include IE in that website) since its already included in Windows any ways and no other OS actually can or wants to use it.

    • Zenon Tigerpaw

      It’s there.