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Google Updates Homepage With New Logo and App Launcher

Google has updated its homepage with a new ‘app launcher’ and redesigned logo.

In the first major overhaul since the introduction of a ‘black nav bar’ back in June 2011, Google has changed the way many of its core services are accessed from search pages.

As the most visited webpage in the world the Google landing pages have to remain user-friendly and fresh – something these changes are designed to address.

The New Logo

The famous ‘Google’ logo has been freshened up by ditching the pseudo-3D bevelling around letter shapes and dropping the gradients they were filled with.

The new, flatter design is far easier on the eyes, scales well at smaller sizes and – perhaps most tellingly – fits in with the 2D style many Google service icons are now drawn in.


The All-New App Launcher

Also introduced alongside the rejigged logo is a new ‘app launcher’. This replaces the ‘black nav bar’ that ran across the top of a Google web page with links to other services.

The app launcher is located in the upper-right of a Google webpage. Its icon will be familiar to anyone who has ever used a Chromebook or a (stock) Android device – another sign of Google pursuing cross-platform consistency.


The launcher itself does the same job as the now-deprecated black nav bar; it houses quick links to sites like Google News, Maps,  Gmail, etc.

Bringing It To Chrome – With Extras

The updated design is also coming to Google Chrome. Providing that you have the Instant Extended API turned on (if you don’t know what that is, or haven’t turned it off then it will be ‘on’) then you’ll see the new look will greet you every time you open a new tab.

google's new look

Instant Extended Enabled Chrome new tab page

But that’s not where things stop for Chrome. The feature also enables new Omnibox behaviour (searching from the new tab page refocuses the search in the omnibox).

You’ll also find a new ‘Apps’ entry sat in the far-left of the bookmarks bar. It’s from here that you can access your apps from a new tab page.

  • Mathspy

    I am still waiting >w<

  • Guillaume Percheron

    Instant Extended feature must have to be enabled in Chrome://flags.
    Ctrl+F: Instant Extended

  • Luís Fernando

    Am I the only person who find this extremely redundant? Why would they put a search bar on the NTP if Omnibox does exactly the same? I liked the voice search feature but couldn’t they find a more elegant solution? Anyway I just hope Google is doing this to bring Google Now to Chrome in a near future, that would be awesome!

    • You’d be surprised how many people still type Google into the Omnibar (www and everything). I think this tries to help those people and also provide a future delivery system for Google Now.

  • Paul

    Instant extended is not available for those of us who use Linux. For a company who uses Linux natively, in house, they sure don’t cut us any slack.

    • Miguel Ortiz

      It’s ridiculous. Freakin Google doesn’t like Linux anymore.

  • Mark Gonzales

    instant extended api is unavailable in Chrome while using Linux. Can’t be enabled in chrome:/flags :-(

  • shadowguy14

    This sucks

  • Hiddenidentitythatyoullnever

    Its just a nice new look. Companies find that people like new looks

  • Camilo Pedrero

    Still no support for Linux .

    It really sucks 77!!!!

    • So true, bro. However, this new tab page is so limited, and I can’t switch between the most viewed pages and the Chrome Apps in the Windows Version.

      • black_rabbit

        Check the bookmarks bar for viewing the apps page

  • radmaster

    Its shit

  • YourWrong

    I hate it, so annoying switching from search to news, to maps, etc..

  • candra dwi waskito

    sip bero

  • fmucia

    We don’t need an apps button. Its not a frickin phone.

  • odemata

    How the heck do you find the “other devices” tab that was on the previous version? For me that was really helpful to go from my Android device to my Chrome Book or desktop and continue to view what I was looking at.

  • Zonark111

    My google homepage hasnt changed???

    Same old logo and no app launcher. And I’m on

  • Stef

    For those of you who want to revert to the old way, just type about:flags in your omnibar and find Revert to the Old New Tab Page. Just find “Enable Instant Extended API” and set it to “disabled.” This should bring back the old new tab with history and recently closed at the forefront.

  • pissed

    how do u adjust WHAT websites go onto the 8 thumbnails below? it’s driving me FUCKING NUTS after i accidentally deleted a few of my most used sites and cant get it back

    • Sam Tran

      If you delete another thumbnail, it’ll give you the “Restore All” option again which should restore all the accidental deletions too.

  • Luiz Zen


  • Alexander

    Why is it when I search in google I get a screen worth of unrelated suggestions before my results?

  • StyleT

    To get your old style New Tab page you can use this extension . I hope it’s will be helpful.