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Google ‘Spaces’ Now Has an Official Chrome Extension

spaces logoSpaces is Google’s latest stab at being relevant in the group messaging space.

A cross between an unmoderated Google+ Community and a WhatsApp group chat, the service pitches itself as a more way for people to come together and enthuse around a shared topic, be that a local book club meeting or an online cult dedicated to the worship of Swedish TV presenter Petra Mede. 

A mobile app is available for Android and iOS, and a web version lives online, accessible through any web browser at

Naturally there’s also an official ‘By Google’ Chrome extension to compliment the service.

Spaces Chrome Extension

Google spaces chrome extension popover

The official Spaces extension for Chrome makes it easy to add and share links and media with your Spaces groups as you browse.

Just hit the Spaces toolbar button, select a Space, enter some details, and share.

sharing through google spaces extension

The Chrome Web Store description describes the add-on as thus:

“Create a space in one tap, and invite people any way you like with a quick link. With Google Search, Chrome, YouTube, and Google Photos built in to the apps, you can find and share articles, videos, and photos from within the app. And when you need to get back to something you recently saw in one of your spaces, use the search feature to find it in a snap.”

Spaces os free and can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. As you might have guessed you will need a Google Account to make use of it.

Get Spaces from the Chrome Web Store

Are you using Google Spaces? What are your thoughts on it so far?

  • Dinin

    It’s ok, but some notification for new messages would be nice. I hope they include it in this indicator, and not in a separate extension as they did with inbox. and save to inbox.

    • Andrew Loiacono

      You can receive push notifications with the web app. If you are using the correct browser. You need to enable it in settings.

  • I’m really not sure why I would prefer this over a Facebook Group

    • mvilcis

      because Facebook is bad.

    • facebook groups are overkill for small groups e.g. up to 10 people. This can be set up and people invited in seconds and is private only. New users can learn the interface in a few minutes. No complex moderation features to learn. It is very much ‘google keep’ for small work groups, the interfaces are almost identical. A clear use case would be to add group chat to a ‘google sites’ project page or replace some group internal emails in a small office where Slack would be overkill e.g. if an office has part time job sharing staff that need to leave notes for each other. I’d say it is basically the very lowest level of group/project/forum ware

  • Biky Alex

    Never heard of spaces? How is this any better than Hangouts?

    • It’s more like a Facebook Group than a Hangouts group chat.

  • Evert

    My head hurts. Bookmarks, Keep, Save to Google, Google Plus and now Spaces? Isn’t this all basically the same thing (creating links to pages/images/making notes) the only difference is what you want to do with it (share or not e.g.)
    I have a hard time deciding what to use to ‘mark’ things as I come across them. Perhaps I see a nice video and want to revisit later and then decide if I want to share or not. Or perhaps just earmark something only to delete it later. Or when I come back to an article and have a question let me post it. Why not just one, central, storage and let me share/delete/file it later as needed? I don’t like this defragmentation.

  • Doesn’t work in Germany, got the app on android it just says it can’t find that space.

  • Morten Ulv

    Spaces coverage, but Google IO ignored? :P

    • Not so much ignored as “can’t compete” with the big guys on coverage.

      For one, the Chrome OS Google Play news was announced to a room full of journalists who got to ask questions, interview engineers, etc. We’d simple be parroting what other sites have written rather than adding anything new.

      Two, the coverage of Android apps, etc got blanket coverage, even on mainstream news sites/publications. Chances are have heard about it.

      Three, I don’t currently have a Chromebook. Mine died :(

      • Oliver

        Why did your Chromebook died?

      • Morten Ulv

        Understandable! I mostly just found it amusing. ;)

      • I was one of the 15 non-journalists who was allowed into the room at the last minute. I streamed it live via periscope (of course, I had no idea it wouldn’t save the video for “after viewing” ?). I already have tickets to Google I/O 2017. I’m happy to help if you don’t go next year. :)

      • Jasper Edwards

        You should get an Asus Chromebook Flip.

  • DJRiful

    I’m not sure what is the purpose of Space. You need to start a topic and then chat.

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