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Google Tipped To Reveal Spotify Rival at I/O

logoGoogle is to unveil a music streaming service at today’s I/O event, rumours suggest.

Universal Music, Warner Music Group and Sony are said to be on board according to The Verge, thus granting the service access to music from some of the worlds biggest artists.

Google launched a cloud-based music player and music store – Google Play Music – back in 2011.

Interestingly, sources say that a free-tier option will not be offered, potentially making it a less attractive proposition than Spotify, Rdio and other services offering free ad-supported access; and two separate versions will be on offer: one powered by YouTube and one powered by Google Play Music.

  • Jon A.

    Ouch, I feel like the lack of a free tier could be a mistake….

  • diego

    Wahaha, the YouTube powered will be nice in germany! I pay for no seeing the damn videos (= Great idea Warner & co!
    I’m happy that Google enters this business, there can only be winners.

  • 要能收购就好了,然后Google Music && Spotify开放中国地区啊!

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      To quote a movie: “English dude”