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Google’s Chrome Apps Updated with Material Design Icons

Notice anything different about the Chrome App Launcher today? Those of you with a keen eye for design might as a swathe of Google apps have been updated with new icons.

Google Drive, Docs and YouTube shortcuts are among those to be updated, following recent updates to Calendar and Google Play Music.

Google has been remaking many of its app icons in the new Material Design language on Android, iOS, Chrome and Chrome OS over the past few months. The Chrome OS file manager was recently updated with a new circular motif, and redesigned icons for the default web camera and games shortcut are pending rollout. 

The New Icons Up Close

Chromie Craig Tumblison has saved me a job put together a slick graphic that shows the new designs alongside the old. Though the changes are minor, with a rounded corner here and a subtle shadow there, the tweaked emblems help bring consistency to Google apps on all platforms.

New app icons in Chrome

Image: Craig Tumblison

Are there any apps left you’re hoping to see updated icons for? Let us know in the comments or on our social media accounts.

  • Fresmantris

    tbh, I didn’t even notice.

  • I noticed the Google Play music shortcut icon had changed about a week ago. I was getting so tired of looking at the old design when the mini player has the correct icon.

    only problem now is that the icons for the mini player and music look exactly the same. not even the text label differs, making it impossible to tell them apart.

  • No one is going to point out the hilariously small google plus icon?

    • João Victor Schiavo

      They have to fix this…

  • gdawilson

    I wouldn’t have noticed. I don’t have many apps on my Chromebook. I just bookmark most of them instead, but yeah I wouldn’t have noticed the change

  • Derrick Johnson

    The Google+ icon….
    Ouch, poor little thing.

  • miri

    They also fixed the icon for Keep; it’s no longer ridiculously massive.

  • Boothy

    Maps next please.

  • João Victor Schiavo

    Google Keep icon was also updated. :)

  • Dude

    All the play store icons. They look terrible next to these!

  • Boothy

    Is the new file manager and icon in the Dev channel now?
    Was due in 42, right?

  • João Victor Schiavo

    When will you release OMG Chrome and OMG Ubuntu apps updated with Material Design? :D

  • Lou G

    I…can’t tell the difference.

  • Vin

    As an older American with vision issues, I miss the old icons already. Fortunately, I don’t think this will be too much of an impairment. BTW, is this one of those chrome:\apps things which has nothing to do with an actual Chromebook? (I am at work using a Windows 7 machine running IE 8 (before the dinosaurs were born).)

  • Google, really?

  • Jordan Vasquez

    I want to know when they finally plan on releasing Material Design to their actual websites. So far the only bit of Material Design I see on Google’s sites is Google Docs and the Material Design website.

  • Last time Keep icon was too big, now it’s Google+ icon that is too small :P

    • Kellie Mcdonell

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    I can’t wait for the 42 release!!! The actual file manager sucks…

    • Ethan

      +1 for that

  • r4in

    The difference is… minimal.

  • OverlyEquipped

    Is it just me or did Google+ forget which icon size they should of used for the shortcut?

    • ChromeDude

      Update – ITS FIXED
      …only took a month.

  • It’s funny because the old Google Drive icon is LESS material design now.

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