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2nd Gen HP Chromebook 11 Hits US Stores Priced at $279

Can a new case and small bump in battery life help the refreshed model stand out?

hoIn an increasingly engorged lineup of Chrome OS portables, the new, second-generation HP Chromebook 11 has a hard job standing out. 

Formally announced last month, the notebook features the same specifications as the first-gen ‘by Google’ model released last year but trades the crisp IPS display that made that model so appealing for a redesigned casing, largely identical to that offered by the HP Chromebook 14.

With hardware that buckles under the weight of regular web use, it’s not entirely clear who HP is targeting the refreshed model at. Even so, the device has quietly gone on sale in the USA where it has a recommended retail price of $279.99 — making it more expensive than the similarly spec’d Samsung Chromebook from 2012.

Tech e-tailer Provantage is hawking a ‘Snow White’ coloured version at $278 (curiously billed as ‘25% off’ a MSRP of $369), while Amazon US has the same model available to pre-order at $279.99 with an estimated shipping date of June 22.

HP Chromebook 11 G2 on Amazon US

HP Chromebox In White

If you’re a fan of Chrome OS products made by HP and available on Amazon you’ll be pleased to know that the retailer recently added the white variant of the HP Chromebox to its listings priced at $179.99.

HP Chromebox White on Amazon US

  • Wesley Files


  • mediumsizedrob

    Not that any Chrome OS-based machine needs killer specs, but it is a little discouraging to see a major brand like HP sticking with the same specs from 2 years ago while increasing the price. Is there really no difference other than the case design and small battery increase?

    • view2share

      No, it is not the same specs. The IPS screen is gone. It has lower specs.

  • Sean Lumly

    And HP wonders why it is losing market share. This is a generation-over-generation downgrade over its own product. Ironically, the things that made the HP Chromebook appealing (the screen, and chassis) have been removed.
    Many consumers may not consider the specs, and may find this device appealing. However, HP will find itself missing out of chromebook discussion this round, and thus lose a lot of advertising.

  • BKarno

    Why would anyone buy this with all the other manufacturers current offerings? I seriously can’t believe HP actually had the stones to put this machine on the market.

    • ap3604

      I’m not do sure it was ‘stones’ as much as ‘pure idiocy’ on HP’s part ;)

      Personally I hope they aren’t able to sell a single one of these as punishment for getting rid of the one thing that made the HP chromebook 11 special (IPS screen).

  • Curtis Mitchell

    This is absolutely insane. If they would have brought it to market under $200, they might have had something. I have to believe this was a cost cutting measure by some corporate executive that didn’t think much of consumer awareness.

  • ap3604


    When the HP chromebook 11 first came out I thought to myself “FINALLY a good IPS screen on an lower price chromebook” (I won’t buy a chromebook that doesn’t have a good screen). The only problem is that the processor was years old and the battery life wasn’t great. I figured that in the 2nd generation HP would simply upgrade to more current internals and I’d buy my first chromebook. Guess the joke’s on me! :/

  • view2share

    Meg Whitman needs to have a talk with someone. This is perhaps the worst thing they could have possibly done. They took a great screen and chassis away, and left us with an overpriced, and slower Chromebook. Really now, the Acer C720 would make more sense than this for a load less money. Now the old screen and chassis, with the Intel processor would rock, and justify the price. Now their only hope is for uneducated buyers, but then again many will not do research, or even look much at the screen before buying one. The hp Chromebox may be an OK buy.

    • syntheticMedia

      Agreed with everything you’ve said. Ive been on the c720 2gb for about a month now, can fully attest to its abilities. The 14 is still attractive if you’re looking for larger screen, perhaps with the advent of these new 2nd gens coming out, we’ll start to see sale prices on other items….

      • view2share

        Or the Toshiba 13.3″ — Two friends got one, and then I jumped into the Chrome OS and bought a Toshiba.

        • syntheticMedia

          Ive always heard good things with Toshiba. But really, the thing I love about the chrome os is it places ~less~ emphasis on manufacturer and more so on embracing the chrome way, so-to-speak.

  • Marshall Staxx

    Weird. Redux of the Windows PC-style race to the bottom in terms of crappy hardware.

  • The Chrome Android

    I recently purchased the original HP11 Chromebook and only chose it as the design was gorgeous to me and the IPS screen swung it, otherwise it would have been the Acer C720. The HP11 was my first move away from a Windows PC and I am delighted with it. For my needs, it is perfect. I had just dumped a defunct HP Notebook. The local PC repair company advised me that the motherboard had gone and that he found this common with HP units. He recommended Acer or Toshiba for a future purchase. But I have the HP11 against his advice, even though doubt was in my mind.
    Had the new HP11 version been an option, I would have definitely got myself the Acer C720. As previously mentioned, I think HP are hoping for some sales from people on impulse buys where it is the only one on display. Bad move from HP.
    I hope there are better larger screens and better processors available for my next purchase later this year.

    • Anonymoused

      I agree completely. I was on the exact same boat as you. Acer C720’s specs were better suited for my needs but I NEED a good display.

      • sggodsell

        I wanted a touch screen. So it was either the C720P or the Pixel. So I went with the C720P because of the price. I am glad I did especially now that Android apps will be able to run on Chromebooks. I hope touch screen Android apps will be supported when they release it to the public.

  • Aaron Porter

    I really wish I could have an HP 11+ HP 14 combo with a Celeron and an IPS panel. This time, we got the worst of both worlds.

    • Alois

      They took wrong display and cpu :D Display from 14 inch model and cpu from model with IPS :D Hit me please if im wrong

  • Boothy

    Can I please have some of whatever drugs they are taking at HP these days?
    They must have some good stuff to disconnect themselves from reality……

  • Frederic MANSON

    O.M.G…. What HP is doing?? I saw its 11″ G1 and it’s a gorgeous Chromebook, with a great screen. But THAT??? I won’t pay no more than €180 for my future preciousssss, which I think will be the TRUE HP 11″, IPS screen!!!

  • Alois

    No IPS display, old ARM cpu and only a little bit better design for me. I would pay about 180-200Bucks!

  • LeadTheLeader

    A little bit overpriced
    Led Lampen