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HP Chromebook 14 to Offer ‘Backlit Keyboard’ Option?

tile-templateThink you know all there is to know about the HP Chromebook 14? Think again.

As is the case with Acer’s new C720, many of the “new” Chromebooks are being made available in various configurations. These marginally ¬†more expensive iterations offer up more RAM, larger SSD sizes, 3G/4G LTE and, in the case of the Acer, there’s even talk of a touchscreen model.

But one variation of the HP Chromebook 14 will offer up the holy grail of Chromebook options: a backlit keyboard.

Only one Chrome OS device released thus far offers a backlit keyboard – and it’s the one most can’t afford: the Chromebook Pixel.

Precisely when the HP model sporting this long-sought feature will peek out is unknown. But as it was mentioned by the company themselves on their (now updated) mini-site for the device, one assumes that it will find its way out sooner rather than later.

Frustratingly, in the time between starting this draft (which was, admittedly, a few days ago) and publishing, HP has updated their Chromebook pages to accommodate the newer, smaller 11-inch model, with all mention of the 14-inch configuration options having since been removed.

Is a backlit keyboard on your list of wants from a Chrome OS portable?

  • Jon A.

    I definitely would love a backlit keyboard. I’ve heard some reasonably good things about the HP 11″ and if the 14″ turns out to be convincing, it become my companion device. As a programmer, there’s only so much work I could do on one.

  • S. Murphy

    I have the first gen. Hp 14″ and its the only thing I could recommend to improve it. I have an Asus netbook and because of my extensive use of that on will no longer be interested in screens smaller than 14″. Hp has a good thing going! Only they can blow it.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    With all the news coming out about new devices, it seems like there is no reason to pull the trigger just yet.

  • someone

    A 11″ ARM-based Samsung quadcore Chromebook with backlit keyboard sounds nice. Would be a neat upgrade to the existing one next year.

  • Sebastiaan Franken

    Can you post a link to the HP mini site Joey? All I can find is a product sheet… and I’m really keen to check out the models.

  • Daniel L. Berry is one link to the HP website info on their chromebooks…

    • The site for the 14″ prior to the announcement of the 11″ now redirects to that page.

  • Thomas Raven

    YES! A backlit keyboard is something I absolutely have to have on all my computers. I have a Samsung Chromebook and hate that the keyboard isn’t lit.

  • James Sarino

    I’d love to see this as a feature in a future version of the CB 14. I’m spoiled that my work PC (MacBook Pro) has this.

  • Peter C

    very high on the list of “wants” for next chromebook.

  • David G

    backlit keyboards, imo, are a must on any notebook. so much easier to see.

  • Jop

    It would be cool if you could get them with keyboard layouts like Colemak and Dvorak.

  • Zack Simpson

    Could you summarize what the website told us about the HP Chromebook 14 before it was removed?

  • LS650

    This is the one feature I would really like to have added to my Samsung XE303.

    It sucks to be typing away, have the room get darker, and still be able to see your screen but not your keys.

    Did they say what the additional cost was? I would happily pay an extra $30 or $40 for a backlit keyboard.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Cheapest laptop with backlit keyboard? Anyone?

  • WilliamJr

    Yes. For what it’s worth to HP execs, I would DEFINITELY buy an HP 14″ Chromebook if they would include a backlit keyboard at or near the price of the current model. Although typically reserved for higher end laptops, I assume that a backlit keyboard can’t cost a manufacturer a whole lot more since consumers can purchase them at reasonable prices.

  • Concerned_CPA


  • john

    If they add backlit, they will dominate.

  • James Welbes

    link to that updated mini site?

  • Gunnar

    Any news on Backlite keyboards? Thats the deal breaker for me..

  • mchid

    halfway through 2014, it still doesn’t exist and probably never will.

  • Susie Q

    I agree…. a Backlit keyboard is a MUST have in a laptop. I would not buy another laptop without one.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! add a backlit keyboard to the more affordable Chromebooks.

  • Maxbuntu

    A Chromebook keyboard with large, high-contrast characters wouldn’t need backlighting. You could type using the light from the screen. Look at this keyboard: