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HP’s New Chromebox Monitor Bundle Costs Less than the LG Chromebase

hp bundle monitorHP has quietly launched a new bundle deal for its Celeron-based Chromebox PC in the US, one that undercuts the LG Chromebase all-in-one PC by $60. 

Available directly from the company’s own website, the “value combo” comprises of a regular white Celeron 2955U 1.4GHz Chromebox, a Chrome OS wireless keyboard and mouse, HDMI cable and a 22.5-inch ‘Pavilion 22xi’ IPS monitor.

The 22xi has garnered positive reviews. For its price ($189.99) it’s described as one of the best in class, offers a cracking display, great viewing angles and crisp full HD resolution with fantastic colour reproduction.

Monitor specs

  • IPS LED backlit display
  • Edge-to-edge panel design
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • Built-in VGA, D-DVI and HDMI input

HP Chromebox Specs

  • Intel Celeron 2955U 1.4GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • 16GB Solid-State Drive

Cheaper than the Chromebase

HP has the bundle listed on their website for $399.97 (a saving of precisely zero on what it would cost you if you bough each component individually but is currently running an on-site discount of $60 which reduces the overall package price to $339.97.

At $340 the bundle undercuts the LG Chromebase (RRP $349) by ten bucks. For this you are getting comparable PC specifications but gain the benefits of a more versatile monitor (VGA and DVI inputs in addition to HDMI) and a computer that can be replaced or taken elsewhere.

HP’s keyboard and mouse set is wireless and more visually appealing than the wired peripherals bundled with the ‘base, though you will need to provide your own speakers and webcam.

For more details, or to buy, head on over to the HP online store, link below.

Buy the HP Chromebox Bundle

  • Frederic MANSON

    I hope that more AIO will be released soon. I prefer a system with lesser cables (the power cable is enough!!) than a power cable for the screen AND for the Chrome box, plus a damn video cable.

  • akemsley

    False. This bundle does not include speakers, mic, or camera. All of these are found in the LG Chromebase. You can’t compare apples to oranges.

    • Frederic MANSON

      Agree. I forgot to add the speakers, the webcam too. So, again, a lot of cables to manage. And in final, a price a little higher than an AIO solution with full integrated options AND power management too.

      • view2share

        The LG was selling for $329 instead of $349 at a couple places. Seems like a good deal, if that tiny font on tabs and bookmarks is readable on a screen less than 27″ — yep, using a Samsung 27″ at 1920x res. and the fonts up top are OK, but a little small. When people ask for high res. Chromebooks, beware, fonts will be small unless you are eagle eyed.

        • LiamTHX

          There’s a flag in chrome://flags that forces high-dpi mode.

    • Heimen Stoffels

      It still undercuts the LG Chromebase price-wise. I didn’t see Joey writing about how much better this one is than the LG one, just that the price undercuts it. Which is a fact.

    • David

      This is a curious exclusion since Google seems to market Chromebases and Chromeboxes more toward business customers (particularly those who have videoconferencing needs). If I didn’t have an extra pair of speakers and a Logitech webcam, this would be a breaking point, but for what it’s worth, I don’t think it will matter for the masses.

  • Tavis Dunn

    i wonder if this is a better sturdier monitor than the LG chromebase, which from what i’ve seen tends to wobble a lot.

  • Kenny Strawn

    Out of curiosity, how much does the IPS monitor cost by itself? Might come in handy for C720 “docked mode” use…

    • MrMiketheripper

      Apparently 190$. Pavilion 22xi. Looks nice but still a bit much for me to drop on a monitor to replace my two existing ones :P

    • jsebean

      I got the 20xi IPS monitor for $99 at Walmart in Canada. Bought two. :) Only 1600×900 though, the 22xi is 1080p

  • Doug Smith

    White components with black cable? Apple wouldn’t do this. Attention to detail counts. And why are all the vendors offering only 2GB of RAM? Do they feel the extra cost hurts marketing or does swapping pages to SSD make that point moot?

    • view2share

      I own a Toshiba Chromebook — never an issue with 2GB of RAM. If I am running heavier duty software, it is on my Mac Mini, with 8GB RAM. For tasks which you do on a chrome OS device, the 2GB is enough. Open ten to twenty tabs on the browser, is just not going to be an issue. These are lightweight devices, and not really meant to do anything really intense therefor RAM and storage capacity is not an issue. I backup stuff to a thumbdrive, and the Cloud, and keep some things on the Download – which is the SSD. Good place to drop stuff to work on before sending on up to the Cloud service, or to a local plugin drive.

    • David

      From researching the individual components, it looks like the HDMI cable isn’t coming from HP, but rather a third party (implied based on the fact that the HP website has made sure to state that the cable ships separately, and that the HP brand isn’t associated with the cable itself). I do see how it can be an aesthetic nightmare, but at the same time I don’t know anyone who really notices things like the color of their HDMI cable as long as it works.

  • jsebean

    I have a dual monitor setup with the HP Pavilion 20xi IPS monitor and I love them both. Got them for $100 a piece at walmart. Not using a chromebox though, it’s a Windows workstation haha.

  • David Miller

    Great package. Never Apple could do so great, at a so great price. Google is always so innovative… and some others, later, will steal this idea !

    • Kenny Strawn

      Apple already tried copying many Chrome OS features, let’s not forget…

      • João Victor Schiavo

        What Chrome OS features Apple copied?

        • Kenny Strawn

          Click that link and you’ll find out…

          • João Victor Schiavo

            I didn’t noticed that, thank you.

      • David Miller

        Tks for sharing… Yes I noticed this earlier, and to be honest, I’m not surprised, they always did this. The one difference is that in their mind, it was Apple’s innovation ! Lol Google should sue Apple for stealing the idea and technologies !
        … And what about the code used by Apple OSx… Wouldn’t it be some Debian, coming from Linux ? Getting some free or “OpenSource” code to create a private (and excessively priced) product… Just saying !

        • darkone778

          Just a note OSX is actually based on FreeBSD which is under the BSD license in which they are actually able to do what they have with OSX. Take something open source and make it commercial or proprietary as they have.

  • view2share

    BestBuy has the LG Chromebase for $299 — that is a steal of a price. At least based on the specs. I have yet to see an LG Chromebase. The IPS sounds like a great selling point, as most Chrome OS devices now have pretty lousy monitor screens. The HP as shown here is likely a very good monitor for the price. So far, for the buck, hp monitors seem like good deals. I got a deal on a Samsung at Costco a couple Turkey Day sales ago. Costco return policy is the best. 90 days and double warranty of manufacturer.

  • Loopy

    ChromeOS needs smooth fonts and icon scaling similar to MACOS/retina displays. The trend for screens with res >1080p will be the norm in coming years.

  • Nitin Dahyabhai

    You really should never describe a display with the word, “cracking.”

  • PaintDrinkingPete

    Opening paragraph makes it sound as though this HP bundle is $60 cheaper than the LG Chromebase, when in fact $60 is just the “bundle” savings for this HP equipment. The actual difference as you later describe it is only $10.

    • view2share

      BestBuy has the Chromebase for $299. Like another person has already stated, you must add speakers and webcam. It seems the Chromebase is LESS expensive than the Chrome box set from hp. I do like hp monitors however. Both are great deals.

  • David

    As an update, I picked up this bundle (as I was already looking for a secondary monitor for my primary PC), and it actually has turned out to be a very useful purchase. Not only do I have a great (and very sharp) display for my work, I now have a setup where I don’t have to start my Windows PC to look something up or have a Hangout, the box actually has been set up nicely on my desk so I can get started up in seconds and get to work. Everything seems and feels well-built, and looks great on my light stained-stained wood desk.

    On the speakers and webcam issue, it was a pretty easy fix for me, since I had a set of speakers and a Logitech webcam sitting around unused, though the thin bevels on the display means that my particular webcam covers part of the screen, which can make things challenging once in a while. In the end, for $45 at most, you can add these peripherals to the setup.

    On the cable issue, I’ve used ties to clean up the cables, and it helps a lot. When I first set up the bundle, it looked like someone just threw a ton of cables behind the 22xi monitor, but once organized, it isn’t that bad.

    The only issue that I had was that the bundle’s packages came through Fedex, and appeared to have been banged around a bit on the trip from the HP warehouse to my doorstep. Luckily, though, nothing was damaged

    • Maxbuntu

      Is this the keyboard included…

      If so, don’t the light-grey-on-white characters on it practically disappear in slightly dim light?

      • David

        Yes, the keyboard is bundled, this bundle has everything you’d need to get started with the Chromebox (the Chromebox, Pavilion 22xi monitor, HDMI cable, mouse, and keyboard). In extremely dim lighting conditions (i.e. working only by the light of the monitor), it is somewhat difficult to read the keys, but for those who need to look at the keyboard to type, it isn’t too incredibly difficult to make out character forms. I usually use my keyboard ~8 inches away from the monitor, and in the rare event that I do not have any other lights on, I can make out which key represents which character or command.