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HP Chromebox Keyboard Bundle, Blue Version Go On Sale

hp chromebox keyboardHP has quietly introduced a new Chromebox bundle that pairs its entry-level Chrome OS PC with a custom branded keyboard and mouse.

What’s ever better is that the bundle doesn’t have a severe markup and costs just $20 more than the same model without the extras.

For $199 you get a standard white Celeron-based Chromebox with 2GB RAM (can be expanded to 4GB) and a 16GB SSD, plus a wireless Chrome OS keyboard (i.e., no ‘super key’, large ‘search’ key, lowercase letters) and a wireless mouse.

There’s no word yet on whether the company plans to sell the parts separately at a later date, as ASUS do.

Interested? To grab the pack just head on over to the Hewlett-Packard site to order. HP currently offers free standard shipping on the bundle and says it can get it out of the warehouse and on its way to you within 24 hours.

Buy the HP Chromebox Bundle

Blue HP Chromebox

blue chromebox

If you’re less fussed about peripherals and more interested in style, then you always nab a frills-free Chromebox for $179 direct from HP and other online vendors. It’s also now available to buy in a teal blue colour variation – ideal if you found the standard black and white models a bit traditional.

Buy Teal Blue HP Chromebox

  • Rickey Shortt

    “There’s no word yet on whether the company plans to sell the parts separately at a later date, as ASUS do.”
    Ha! That’s something of an annoying joke and sore spot with me now. There is STILL no separately available keyboard and mouse from Asus for their lower priced Chromebox. Oh, Promevo still CLAIMS on their website that it is “In Stock”, but it most assuredly isn’t and they won’t say otherwise despite repeated complaints from me. I ordered one the day they announced it was available – June 3 – and they still don’t actually have them from Asus yet. They have repeatedly given me the runaround and no satisfaction or even estimate on when they will get them – but my order will be “expedited”. I blame Asus for not making these available as they said they would when they first released their Chromebox, but for the life of me I can’t understand why Promevo refuses to at least change their status to “available for pre-order”. I would implore ANYONE reading this to NOT believe what the website says unless they call and speak to someone in person who assures them they have one of these in hand and can guarantee delivery. If that happens, please ask them where

    • No need to apologise. It’s a sore point for a lot of folks who bought the boxes when they launched, but still have few options for getting a Chrome-specific keyboard (the wired Samsung Chromebox keyboard can be picked up for more than it’s probably worth, mind)

    • Matt

      I too love my Asus Chromebox and am still confused as to why I cannot purchase the Asus keyboard/mouse separately. STILL waiting…

      • Rickey Shortt

        I’m still pretty annoyed with Asus and Promevo by the whole thing with this keyboard/mouse, considering how long it took me to get it – but I very unexpectedly and happily received it today with no notice from Promevo it had shipped, or even arrived in the country. The mouse, as expected from other peoples comments, isn’t anything special compared to my Logitech, but it works just fine other than not having a side-click on the scroll wheel, and it lets me use the same dongle as the keyboard, thereby freeing up an extra usb port, (perhaps for a webcam sometime?). After having only used it for a few hours now, I can say that I do indeed really, really like the keyboard and am glad I didn’t settle for the wired one from Samsung. It is pretty sweet and now I can unhook the nearly twice as big wired HP keyboard that I also use with my Windows 7/Linux machine.

        Perhaps this means they will be more widely available very soon? I had been told by Promevo that they would expedite it and try to get it shipped directly to me from their distributor. That does indeed appear to be what happened, as Promevo’s name or address isn’t on the box or paperwork anywhere except as a contact. This is assuming, of course, that after all of my complaining that they didn’t decide to swipe it from one of the i3 bundles that come with the keyboard and mouse. I am hesitant to recommend Promevo now because of the way they continued to list it as in stock on their website when it wasn’t, but nevertheless, you might start checking with them. Just make sure you get some kind of verbal or written assurance that they truly do have them in hand and don’t trust what the website or order confirmation says. Of course, maybe Amazon and Newegg will have them soon as well.

  • Frederic MANSON

    I don’t know what’s the better: this Chromebox and a screen OR an AIO. Except the Asus Chromebox, there is not those kinds of Chrome devices sold in France… Officialy.

  • Cristian Otegui

    Bella. Big Blue y la Gran G, juntos como nunca.

  • Looks like this is coming to the UK too (£149 inc VAT)…