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New HP Chromebook Ad Is Funny, Informative And Not As Weird As Google’s Efforts

Chromebook video commercials are fun, lively affairs and the latest effort by HP to promote their new devices certainly sees that trend continue.

Titled ‘What is the HP Chromebook anyway?’, the ad does a stellar job of explaining the basics of what a Chromebook is – “It can do anything a regular laptop can!” – and why you, the viewer, would want one – “It has the biggest screen of any Chromebook – so you can watch Netflix!” – but washes it down with some humour and clever editing.

While the format seems more conventional and explanatory than Google’s own adverts for their ‘flagship’ Chromebooks, it still feels fresh and engaging. What it lacks in excessive jump cuts, colourful titles, and strange indie music it makes up for with funny lines and informative snippets on Chrome OS features; e.g., auto-updates, built-in security and app and document sync.

Here’s hoping that no Chromebooks were harmed in the making of the ad!

  • Nolan Mercer

    Great way to show off all 3 colors, too.

    • Anass Eljondy

      LOL yeah

  • JusticeL

    Very awesome commercial! Good job HP.

  • Jan

    I liked the angry baker :)

  • Marshall Staxx

    Informative, yes. Funny, a little bit.

    I have a feeling the Google ads you find “weird” might be more effective, though. Ads are best when they grab attention and generate interest. Good a job as this does of telling about the Chromebook, it doesn’t grab me, and I’m not sure I’d take notice if I weren’t already a Chromebook person.

    • Anass Eljondy

      strongly agree

  • Uber Dudditz

    A lot of the positives of Chome-OS are really double-edged swords. But the commercial is still funny, good job.

  • Dan

    antivirus software?

    • Joshua Rystedt

      There is no need for antivirus software on a cloud based OS like Chrome…

  • Aaron Huffman

    HP would love it if you broke that many so you can just buy more!