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Important: RSS Feed Change

Ahead of the launch of a Chrome extension and Android app for the site we’re also having to make a change to our RSS feed.

If you currently subscribe to us via you will no longer receive updates after today (though, if all works as planned, you will get this message!)

We’re not taking away RSS completely, just changing the address from which it will be available. You’ll be able to get updates as they happen by adding the following feed address to your reader of choice:

 Apologies for the inconvenience, but the switch will allow us to give you a kick-ass Android app and allow us to be more flexible in the way our Chrome extension works.

  • The old feed now seems to serve OMG!Daleks

  • Abhishek

    I subscribed to on google reader. I got 10 articles of OMGdaleks.

  • diego


  • diego

    Okay, so you can spam my reader with Dalek news, but I can’t post a message in their language without getting it deleted? :D

  • diego

    I’m sorry, the DISQUS snipped seems to be broken. It Updates weird commet numbers for me. Maybe my last post is still in moderation. Sorry. Dalek! :D

  • Patrick Grote

    The new feed isn’t working … it has the same Dr. Who articles as the last one.

  • Marlin Cremers

    I just added it to my Feedly! I also just installed the OMG! Chrome! app looking good already. Although I indeed got some OMG! Daleks articles but I guess that is just now.