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Logitech Accessories Now Work with Chromebooks

More of your favourite Logitech Unifying computer accessories may now work with your Chromebook thanks to the launch of a new app, Logitech’s PR folks have told us.


Logitech Unifying receiver now works with Chromebooks

The free Logitech Unifying Chromebook app — which also works with Chromebox and Chromebase, too — allows as many as six mice, keyboards, wireless headsets and other PC peripherals to be hooked up to your Chromebook through a tiny USB receiver.

Logitech say they ‘worked closely with Google’ to make sure that compatibility of their devices is as good as it can be, but do note that enhanced function keys on some of its keyboard may not work with Chrome OS.

Among the existing accessories said to already work on Chromebooks running the app are the Multi-Device Keyboard K480, the wireless H600 headset and M3 series mice.

More details can be found on the webpage, while the ‘Unifying receiver app’ itself can be downloaded and installed for free from the Chrome Web Store.

Logitech Unifying App on the Chrome Web Store

Do you have a Logitech accessory you’d love to use with your Chromebook? Let us know in the comments below. 

  • BKarno

    This is good news. I’ve use Logitech mice with the little Unifying Receiver on my Chromeboxes, and they work well. But I did lose the sync one time and had to use a PC to get the mouse and receiver to re-connect. And the ability to sync multiple devices to 1 receiver using the app will be nice.

  • alangberg

    I’m using their K810 wireless keyboard and the C920 webcam with an HP Chromebox. Both work fine right out of the box.

  • dourscot

    Never had an issue using a Logitech mouse with my Chromebook.

    • Dude

      Why doesn’t it work with speakers? It’s always irritated me.

  • my logitech mouse has always worked perfectly

    • Dude

      Same here…

  • Deftdrummer

    Sweet, I’ll have to give this a try. I tried as recently as last week on my C720 and it didn’t work with a Logitech keyboard / trackpad combo.

  • Underdog

    I found a bluetooth mouse on Amazon that works very well. The name is Adesso. Despite some of the negative reviews, it works great with the Chromebook with no dongle needed. Here is the link…..

  • Zactu

    I’ve using Logitech mouse with the unifying receiver with Chromebook for a year, but the setup was done a windows machine. Logitech did the right thing. Google must encourage this. Google has the influence but it seems has little or no desire to work others for hardware or codec compatibility, a missed opportunity I think.

  • James Fields

    It might help if the article was updated to explain that this app is not necessary to us a SINGLE Logitech device – the app allows you to use a single receiver with MULTIPLE Logitech devices (so you only have to plug in one receiver to use a keyboard AND mouse, etc.).

    • I read your comment after I already left mine. Thanks for clarifying. I was thinking “wait, I’ve been using a Logitech mouse this whole time… wait, haven’t I?”

  • Richard Myerscough

    The K480 mentioned in the article is actually a Bluetooth keyboard, not a wireless one that uses a tiny receiver…

  • Wesley Files

    To be blunt, they should stop using the Unifying receiver now. Bluetooth is all too common now. I had to sync my Logitech mouse and receiver on a Windows laptop before I could move it over to my Chromebook, not a huge deal.

    Logitech make excellent mice, but I would love to not have to leave the receiver stuck out all the time.

    • Tomfoolery

      bluetooth mice use too much battery life for my liking. I think the receivers are handy.

  • So, am I to understand this app is just so that a single USB adaptor can be plugged in and six separate devices can be connected to it, or that Logitech products in general now work with Chrome OS? I have that exact mouse shown in the picture, and I bought it when I bought my Chromebook 2 years ago, it has always worked.

    • Kalinonymous

      hahahaahahaha, same here dog. I don’t know what he’s talking about. actually i have the same type of mouse, buts it is around 5 years old now. always worked. =P whatever, i think we’re ahead of the curve.

  • Elliot Aidam

    I was wondering if you know anything about Google and Logitech working together to produce a SetPoint software for chrome OS

  • Concerned_CPA

    Is there any software from Logitech yet which allows customization of mouse keys for a chromebook? I want to use the scroll wheel to close windows as I do in Windows. I know the unifying receiver does not do this.

  • George Wight

    I’d Like to use my Harmony Ultimate Home keyboard with the ASUS Chromebook stick (Chromebit)

    • Does it work using the Logitech unifying receiver or does it work over bluetooth?

  • It works with others companies like Intel, Genius…?