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Karate Mom: Microsoft’s New Chromebook Attack Ad

OMG_TentaclesAs predictable as a malware alert on a Windows desktop, but far from being as much fun, Microsoft are back at the Chromebook bashing. 

The latest ad from the Redmond-based software giant pumps out another barrage of lopsided options through the mouth of a ‘mum’ who is looking to buy a laptop for her kids.

The actress repeats the usual selection of well-treaded falsehoods, including the ol’ familiar chestnut that Google’s Chrome OS is pretty much useless without an active internet connection. This, the fact that her Karate-loving kids won’t be able to install Microsoft’s Office Suite, seem like deal breakers for her.

But are these really fair criticisms? Google Docs works offline just dandy, even if Microsoft’s cloud version doesn’t. And what sort of imaginary school are these eight year old kids attending that demands access to Microsoft products above all else for doing homework?

Now Microsoft is certainly not “wrong” that lack of web access is a limitation of sorts. For most of us web access is central to our workflow. But, and this is really the crucial point: a Windows PC is just as ‘useless’ offline in these situations as a Chromebook; the web is the web, and you can’t use it anywhere without a connection.

But with an ever-expanding range of Chrome apps that are able to maintain web-free functionality, including photo editors, text editors and video players, Microsoft is pointing out a “problem” that isn’t quite as grand as gleefully claimed.

Picky points aside, you can check out the video for yourself below. Just make sure your hands are clean: you will face palm.

  • bozzykid

    What is funny about that tired argument is there is not much you can do on a Windows machine without internet. Just like Chrome OS, you can create documents and write/read email. That is about it.

    • maevian

      Not true, you can play a lot of games(indie games and older games work on a budget laptop), you can do Photoshop (granted Photoshop won’t work on a budget laptop), you can playback almost any media file (media playback is very limited on a Chromebook). There is actually almost nothing you can’t do when offline except browsing

      • Jeremy Filth

        Fine, but seriously people who buy chromebooks are usually connected to an internet source. For those who do their own proper research shouldn’t have any problems with that.

      • bozzykid

        Yes, you CAN do those things. But 99% of people don’t do those things. My point is what most people use their Windows laptops for, they can do those same things on a Chromebook (online or offline).

        • maevian

          You would be surprised how many people do those things, the biggest weakpoint of chrome os is the poor offline media playback.

          • Sebastiaan Franken

            mp4, mkv and a host of other formats. I don’t call that “poor offline media playback”. Heck, I can play more on my Chromebox out of the box than on a Windows installation, since you need to download codecs and a decent media player (VLC for instance).

          • maevian

            Mkv playback is very limited, with no support for ac3 audio and no subtitle support, most files that I play on my Chromebook have no audio. At least Windows has the possibility to install VLC!
            I love watching a movie when on the train, but most files have no audio on a Chromebook!

          • Zactu

            Yes, Chromebook needs support really for all codecs and subtitles. Either Google supplies it or give users a very easy way of installing them, after all Chromebooks were designed to be easy, and currently many things are not. Google needs to put alot of work into ChromeOS. It has alot of potential.

          • captain irrelevant

            You would be surprised the number of people who talk about photoshop all the time actually have no idea how to photoshop, not even layers. They use as much features as MS paint when it comes to them using photoshop.

      • eb

        You can get linux on it.

        • maevian

          The argument was about chrome os not about chromebooks

          • eb

            Yeah, exactly. You can get linux on Chrome OS.

          • maevian

            No you can get a full GNU linux desktop os on a chromebook, chrome os is the os itself. chromebook is the device.
            BTW putting a GNU linux desktop on a chromebook isn’t something for the average consumer

          • eb

            Notice you said average. Many people are beginning to be more tech savy. Plus, there are tutorials. Easy tutorials.

  • Victor Who

    Karate mum brought her laptop to the dojo. What I would like to know, how is she getting internet access?

    • 3r0s

      Smoke signals.

  • pizzapanther

    What is interesting and a real tell is that most of the time in ads when a company mentions a competing company, that competing company is the market leader. I think MS knows they are behind and they turning up the FUD.

    • 3r0s

      Exactly, the dear old microsoft FUD.
      Anybody objectively looking at it would be disgusted.

  • Kenneth Rohde Christiansen

    Chat without being connected? :)

  • Nighthawk700

    No comment about M$, but had to say, that octopus image was disturbing!! ;-)

  • FAIL! They should stop doing this and better focus on what are they trying to do in 8.1 U 1…

  • Nicolae Crefelean

    Read the small text: “Ofice and some apps sold separately.” OK, so this machine is available at $280 in some stores, but you’ll have to spend an extra $100 or more for Office and whatever else. So as a Windows machine it’s still expensive compared to Chromebooks.

    Regarding the other software what Windows allows you to run, well… this is not a gaming hardware and I doubt anyone would gets this kind of hardware for Photoshop. I still believe Microsoft is capable of better stuff, not this kind of crap. It’s just scary to see them go as low as this.

    Before anyone criticizes Chromeboxes or low-end Windows machines they should experiment with going off the internet for 3 days and see why these machines have such appeal to customers. We pretty much take the internet for granted these days. Most people would find computers useless without internet.

  • Microsoft is really helping spread the news that Chromebooks exist. It’s clear they want to beat them down before they get up, but I can’t see this helping. But I guess the target audience for this ad is actually school execs, trying to stem the tide of Chromebook adoptions at the school level.

  • ForSquirel

    wait wait.. doesn’t ASUS also make a chromebox? AND a windows laptop?(among others) Sounds like someone has an identity crisis.

    Still, this is just lame. My coworkers fall into this category all the time, and TBH, it got old years ago.

    • Curtis Mitchell

      Asus is fine if we buy their chromebook or WIndows laptop, as long as we’re buying their computers. It’s Microsoft that has a problem if we buy Asus chromebooks instead of Asus Windows machines. As the only major vendor left charging a premium for their operating system and productivity software, Microsoft needs us locked into their environment.

  • Roland

    Microsoft are really starting to become a joke focusing all their time on bashing Chromebooks instead of improving Windows.

    If Windows 8.1’s Desktop was as functional as what the Chrome OS Desktop then I’d understand all this Chromebook & Chrome OS bashing. Google Docs works Offline Microsoft Office web doesn’t even work Offline.

    The $280 Asus Windows Ultrabook mentioned in the ad is more like $380 with Office then however much a yearly subscription to Anti-Virus costs.

    I’ve got a Windows 7 Laptop that’s pretty much useless to me Offline apart from Google Docs Offline & Gaming as I spend all my time Online anyway, and with Cell Phone tethering I’ve at least got a net connection when I’m away from a proper Broadband Connection anyway.

    • Adrian Meredith

      Its the same with Bing. If Microsoft put as much effort into making bing a superior product as they did lobbying governments and spreading fud (via the shell company then it might actually be a worthy competitor.

  • John Middleton

    It just shows how worried they are about Chromebooks dominance.

    • Adrian Meredith

      the worst part is, its technically free advertising for chromebooks. People who had never heard about it before will do now.

      • John Middleton


  • ChromeFandom

    Hmm…They are comparing 20 Years of Windows OS development with 2 years of Chrome OS…not fair

    • 3r0s

      Yep but 2 years of Chome OS development has been much better than all years of Windows development.

      • Sandeep Patwardhan

        oh yeah….me on the side of Chrome :)

      • MrMiketheripper

        20+ years of old and outdated code too for all we know. And I found quite a bit of UI consistancies even in 7, you never have that problem in ChromeOS.
        Gaming is what’s keeping me from switching full time that and not gonna lie, I seriously enjoy developing with Visual Studio and the .NET framework.

        • Wyllie Young Wylls Chilunga

          switch to ubuntu and get steam :)

          • MrMiketheripper

            I use Ubuntu on the side, it’s nice and all but without CSGO I can’t fully switch.

            And like I said, I enjoy games like Terraria (which are extremely difficult if not impossible) to get running under Wine (tried it under a virtual box which worked quite well but it won’t for all games). Plus, I enjoy developing with the .NET framework way too much; Visual Studio is quite a good program.

          • Wyllie Young Wylls Chilunga

            i hate visual studio, if it was available on ubuntu id play with it more

          • 3r0s

            Maybe petitioning Steam/Valve/Gabe Newell those games you mentioned will be available for Ubuntu and SteamOS (which is Debian, Ubuntu father).
            Just a suggestion.

          • MrMiketheripper

            I know CSGO will be coming soon. As for Terraria, that’s gonna be hard seeing as how it’s all .NET and stuff.

            Brings me back to the fact that I enjoy developing with the .NET framework alot too. Mono doesn’t appeal to me as much tbh.

        • Daviljoe193

          I’m still waiting for Notepad to get a UI update… for 29 years. XD

      • eb

        Oh wow. And Microsoft still gives us sucky things.

    • Wyllie Young Wylls Chilunga

      chrome0s development started in 2009, not 2 years

  • Roland

    @John Middleton:disqus They should concentrate on not killing themselves from the inside than Google doing it for them with Chrome OS.

    Windows peaked around the XP version and I liked the innovative features that they introduced in windows Vista even though it wasn’t one of the best versions, Windows 7 was the best version in my mid and the screw up that’s Windows 8/8.1 should be Microsoft main concern.

    In two years Chrome OS has gone from a glorified web browser to a decent OS that’s contently evolving an is free once you’ve purchased the hardware where Windows has gotten more bloated and expensive with every release. All the Scroogled campaign is doing is trying to distract people from the screw up that’s Windows 8.

    I’d like to know how you can chat without being connected other than actually being in the same room as them. Since the invention of the landline phone & the invention off the Cell phone you’ve had to bee connected to actually chat to someone.

    Which brain dead retard have Microsoft employed to write the scripts for these ad’s as most of the limitations are true for a Windows Laptop or even a MacBook.

  • moodstarrr

    shows their fear

  • M3G

    Oh Microsoft, you’re just praying to die with the bashing.

  • I think microsoft is just salty that google beat them to the cloud. Microsoft has been talking for a few years now about moving their services online (skydrive, xbox music, office 365 etc) but google really beat them to the punch and did a better job at it.

    • Microsoft is first to everything, usually about 5-10 years too soon and the tech isn’t ready. Then when the tech is ready, somehow, inexplicably, they’re last to roll it out. I don’t get it. The company is full of brilliant people and brilliant ideas. Every now and then I see something MS has created and I’m utterly awed, and yet they can never seem to deliver in a meaningful way. I guess because everything must be Windows, Windows, Windows.

      • I believe it’s the same mentality that apple has, at least in regards to ios. They get too comfortable and eventhough they might have great ideas they still go by the ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’ whereas google/linux goes by something like ‘break it and make it better’

        • Yes, but Apple’s strategy works. Release a great, forward thinking product and refine the heck out of it until you’re forced to make big changes, or start a new category at the right time. Google’s strategy also works well. They release too early sometimes but they get it fixed and they make big jumps as well, very forward thinking.

          The only strategy that doesn’t work is Microsoft’s. Apple maximizes revenue and Google maximizes market share. Microsoft wants both, like they used to have before mobile, but that doesn’t work anymore. The world has changed.

          • 3r0s

            Exactly, the big difference between Microsoft and the Others (Apple, Google) is that
            – Microsoft stuff is broken in the beginning and keeps staying broken and piling up bugs and never fixed,
            – the Others (Apple, Google) stuff might be broken in the beginning, bat the Others (Apple, Google) fix it ASAP.
            So here wondering how bug churning software maker Microsoft still manages to be successful making money on stuff that is “Defective by Design” !!!

  • Kenny Strawn
  • Michael Mistretta

    Some may not agree but ChromeOS is a serious threat to Microsoft’s Windows desktop dominance on consume PCs. ChromeOS really is ‘all you need’ for a lot of people out there. If I were Microsoft I would be worried.

    A good example would be when I replaced my mothers Windows 7 laptop with Lubuntu and Google Chrome but after seeing how she does everything in Chrome? The laptop is getting old and when I replace it, I think I am going to replace it with a ChromeBox.

    A lot of people (I’d say most..) use the internet like my mother, they live in a browser and that’s how they interact with a computer.

    Bad news for Microsoft.

    • Roland

      I spend all of my time Online & can even use Office from my Acer C720 if I need it, The Office web apps in SkyDrive are just as good as the physical Office apps. but I spend most of my time using Google Drive since it works Offline and has better support for Printing.

      • The Office apps could be competitive, but they’re lacking. And I’m not sure the ribbon is that great on the web app version.

    • They’re not sleepless about consumers yet. It’s schools. Last year’s education shipments, Wintel sales fell by 18.5% and Chromebook sales rose by 19%. Education is only 7% of the market, but kids will be used to Chromebooks and more importantly, the Google App system, which is free and easier to use. Small businesses could be next. This can all have a halo effect out to consumers, threatening not only the Windows cash cow but the Office cash cow as well. It would be a devastating blow.

      • Michael Mistretta

        Right, Microsoft is Windows and Office, that is where the majority of their revenue comes from. Google, like them or not seems to have a pretty decent strategy at chipping away at this. It’s going to get worse for Microsoft a time goes on.

        • Roland

          It”ll get even worse for Microsoft if they don’t turn Windows around as it’s a total mess at the minute, how many u turns are they going to make with Windows 8 before they get it right. One minute they’re removing the Start Button, then Windows 8.1 was going to be a paid update, then they bring back the Start menu and make Windows 8.1 a free update.

    • Will Saunders

      I had exactly the same thing with my parents, we had a Vista laptop which was perfectly fine hardware wise but took ages to boot up and shut down and would crash whatever app you were using if you looked at it the wrong way.
      Finally persuaded them to let me install Lubuntu and Google Chrome because like you they only ever used the internet on it anyway. They can’t believe how a laptop that was in such poor condition in terms of speed and stability is suddenly performing like new, with no need to worry about viruses or the thing getting clogged up with crap like a Windows machine (especially Vista) will do.

  • Zactu

    Microsoft is having sleepless nights over Chromebooks.

  • Jadon Levesque

    I don’t even have a ChromeBook, but I love Chromium OS. Don’t need internet for everything- I’m running Linux applications on my install. Works perfectly~

    • 3r0s

      Did you compile yourself your Chromium OS or did you get it already made to install on your computer?

      • Srijan Ghosh

        Most probably this-

        • 3r0s

          I knew about Hexxeh, but on his website the last Chromium OS built is dated on 20th April 2013.
          It also seems that Hexxeh is no longer updating his website since March/April last year.

          • Daviljoe193

            As I mentioned above, I’d use a build from here. They only need a small shell script to get the touchpad working, but they are persistent, and they use the root password “password” (So freaking 1996.), so thing of Arnold the Bat as the new Hexxeh. ( )

      • Jadon Levesque


        • Daviljoe193

          I tried building Chromium two nights ago, but the Python scripts that Google supplied ran into issues, so I said “Sod it!”, and went to Hexxe- Oh, he stopped, well, I went to Arnold The Bat, and got the Weekly AMD64 build, and it worked really well (Excluding the lag spike at the login screen, which happens on just about everything.). But yea, I guess that you really do have to use Ubuntu 12.04, or else it refuses to do anything after doing a “repo sync”. :(

  • Martin Hargreaves

    If, as she says, her kids are able to chat without an internet connection, she ought to be concerned about their mental health

  • Curtis Mitchell

    And then her kids installed a virus and she had to take it to a repair shop that charged her $100 to clean her system for her.

    • I’d say that was ridiculous if I hadn’t seen such things happen to relatives.

    • Ken Vermette

      Hahaha.. Ha.. Ha… *breaks down crying*

      My mom wanted a small laptop for Netflix and asked me what she should get, I said “get a chromebook” and pointed to one in a nearby store that *perfectly* suited her needs. She promptly ignored my advice because of a Futureshop rep and bought a Windows 8 laptop, and I swear to god she quoted these go**amn commercials verbatim; “I won’t always have the internet”, “I don’t know if I’d use it – but I may need MICROSOFT Office”, etc etc… And immediately after her purchase the MS product cycle kicked into gear.

      DAY 1: I’m taking hours of my life uninstalling shovelware bundled with the machine.
      DAY 3: I’m explaining what the f*** is going on with the UI.
      DAY 7: Her machine is already acting up, and it’s infested with adware, malware, etc. More hours cleaning it up.
      DAY X: Why is X slow, why did Y break, what are these programs that keep showing up?

      Now every time she tells me shes “oh so happy” with it she doesn’t understand why I get surly because of the ongoing technical nightmare that d*mn machine causes me. “I don’t visit as often?” No! Because every time I visit I’m fixing your computer purchased against my advice!

      *slams head on desk*

      • 3r0s

        I would have bought the Chromebook you advised your mum myself and then given to her, not allowing her near any of those jerk PC shop clerks:
        – they know nothing about Chromebooks,
        – if you ask (most of) them about Chromebooks, they downplay, bad mouth and look down on them,
        – they have surely been at a microsoft training where they’ve been brain washed of any free will.

        • Anass Eljondy

          I work in a supermarket in electronics, and I always encouraged people for using free alternatives, even that costed me the loss of some customers. I convinced my supervisor that it’s a better way for business because it’s a good solution to sell freedos computers. some people took the advice and most of them refused. but the unforgivable day is when a girl came and told me ” I bought a laptop with ubuntu and i didnt change it with windows, It’s all ok with it i have no problems using it. do you think I should keep it or go back to windows?”
          I told her , girl what I think is you should marry me !!! I was about taking her phone number then the boss showed up from nowhere … DAMN!!!!! I didnt met her again , yet .. I still keeping hope

          • 3r0s

            You’re the first electronics shop clerk who knows something more than windows.
            Many kudos and good luck.

          • Anass Eljondy

            and i’m making it contagious among the others :) , thank you

      • Blah, Blah, Blah

        @ Keb Verette – lol – Made my day…:o)

      • Anass Eljondy

        hahaha I know that feeling. I was experiencing the same sht with my father and his win8 laptop. I know he won’t take my advice (as usual). he asked me to put win7, then I did, but not only that. I also installed ubuntu on it. he told me to take it off it’s just taking space on the hdd, then I reinstalled it on only 32gigs telling just leave this to me I want it for myself when i borrow your computer and i’ll keep all your OS and files untouched. when I leave the laptop I keep it on ubuntu, and when he come to check something on internet, he just opens a new tab on the browser, see what he want then he leaves it where I left it so i dnt lose what i’ve been working on it. and so on, he’s appreciating it more and more. I’m taking him where I want “for he’s own good”. Well, logically he don’t have to be made at me when he will know that I manipulated him this way. I’m only practicing what I learned from him all my childhood 0:)

  • Alex Watts

    I wouldn’t expect her to know how a Chromebook works anyway.

    • Daviljoe193

      The probably uses IE too.

  • Dick Richardson

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse after Windows 8, they made this ad…

  • Adrian Meredith

    Im glad these kinds of adverts aren’t allowed in the UK

    • George Brooke

      me too. microsoft suck, i really really want the acer c720p

  • Andrew B.

    It’s kind of funny that they mention the ability to install Microsoft Office as a determining factor. Why would I ever need to use Microsoft Office when there are better, free alternatives like Google Docs? I can’t tell if Microsoft tries to overprice the importance of their own suite (by taking its importance as granted) or if they are just straight out ignorant of the alternatives.

    • Roland

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft don’t try and block anyone from using any of the Google services or even block the downloading the Chrome web browser to brain wash people even more into Microsoft is the be all and end all.

      • MrMiketheripper

        Wouldn’t be surprised.
        What scares me the most about Windows 8 is how seemingly easily the Desktop “app” can be terminated. Which you know what that means, Micro$oft could say goodbye to that whole traditional desktop interface whenever they want.

        • Roland

          Since getting my C720 I’ve only used Windows once to format an external HDD for use on my Satellite PVR (DVR for the American readers).

          I don’t miss the Windows Desktop once, in fact I much prefer the clutter free Chrome OS Desktop, Why have icons on the Desktop if you’ve got a well designed Start Menu & Taskbar (the Chrome OS App Drawer is well laid out and easy to use compared to any form of the Windows Start Menu & the Shelf is so much better and clutter free compared to the Windows Taskbar).

          My ranking of Desktop OS’s is
          1: Chrome OS (excellent design & good value for money)
          2: Linux (Free but too many choices of Distributions & Desktops)
          3: Mac OSX (more stylish than Windows but comes at a Premium price)
          3: Windows (Only because it exists)

    • Marshall Staxx

      “It’s kind of funny that they mention the ability to install Microsoft Office as a determining factor.”

      Agreed. They tried to use Office as an incentive for buying Surface tablets. It didn’t turn out well.

    • Eleuin

      its funny that Microsoft argues that the deciding factor is the inability to run another one of their products on the chromebook (of which is actually totally wrong, because you can). Because you know, “your google device sucks because it can’t run our microsoft office suite like our microsoft device can”-Microsoft (Paraphrased)

  • anodjd;

    that bitch is stupid

    • shadowguy14

      Whether she believes what she says is true or not she was paid to say that :P
      And probably not even her kids lol

  • ChromebookOwner

    I have a Chromebook and use it as my primary laptop. The few times I’ve run into something it won’t do, I have Linux on an older laptop as a fallback.

  • chrome book!

    I wouldn’t let my kids use Windows. That’s where the porn is!

    • 3r0s

      I would’t call that porn but spam elevated to the 360 power.

    • Daviljoe193

      It’ll BSOD long before the kids find where it’s stashed. :)

  • Efjay

    I’m a Linux user but I would consider a Chromebook as a second machine, is there a place where I can ask questions because I have a lot of them?

    • Aaron Huffman

      Ask away(I just got my new Acer C720P Chromebook a few days ago), it might be faster through I’m though if you have hangouts, I’m at

    • Fred

      I’ve had a Chromebook since the Cr-48. I have a full Windows laptop for when I need it, but find myself going weeks only using my Chromebook (currently the Samsung Chromebook).

  • Marshall Staxx

    “And what sort of imaginary school are these eight year old kids attending that demands access to Microsoft products above all else for doing homework?”


    The “necessity” of Office has been a Redmond fanboi talking point for years. It was always based mostly on myth, and since the advent of mobile devices, the software one uses gets less relevant all the time. I used to be as Office-habituated as anyone, but very quickly became a fan of Google Docs/Drive, and have loved my Chromebook.

    • MrMiketheripper

      I still don’t see the necessity of Office seeing as how stuff like Open/LibreOffice exist that do just as much as the average user will need. The only excuse I can see if having to get accustomed to where everything is located on the different programs.

      • Roland

        I was a subscriber to Office 365 Home Premium since it came out, but since I got my C720 Chromebook I dropped the £7.99GBP a month subscription as I didn’t really need it since it would go to waste most of the time & I can always use the free web apps from within SkyDrive if I really need to (and with GDrive downloading to MS Office file formats it’s not essential.

    • Efjay

      Microsoft is in the business of creating software (of varying quality) and marketing it as a necessity. I haven’t run a MS OS or any MS software since IBM’s OS/2 with the WinOS/2 function, I’ve managed quite well with Linux since the early-to-mid 90’s. Later I was using StarOffice, then OpenOffice and finally LibreOffice until present – quite happily and augmenting that with Google Docs when needed. I’ve never needed Microsoft Office once, I’ve only ever used it in a work setting where it was mandatory.

      There is no such thing as a mum or even a school kid/student that NEEDS Microsoft Office (unless mandatory by the school/college), even IF they did, their most complex needs would be met fully by OneDrive and the Word, Excel, Powerpoint web apps. It’s Microsoft marketing a perceived need based on ignorance and FUD. Google Docs works great even without an internet connection once setup (should be by default though).

      When my mum finally gives up on her pile-o-cr*p Windows laptop, with it’s endless repairs totalling more than the original unit cost, she WILL be buying a Chromebook, even if I have to march her into a store personally to buy it.

      • Efjay

        I felt I HAD to add this. By creating a folder for each web app in the Downloads directory of Chrome OS, with the appropriate manifest.json and an appropriate 128.png for each icon. I HAVE Microsoft Office web apps installed on my Chrome OS test VM. (Along with Celtx and some other web apps not on the Chrome store). Not especially difficult to make and they are backed up to my GDrive just incase.

        But there you go, Office can be added as full-fledged clickable web apps with little difficulty. Flippin Microsoft FUD mongerers!

      • Wyllie Young Wylls Chilunga

        try kingsoft office instead of libre :) you’ll love it

  • Joe Mainusch

    Wow, they can online chat while offline on the new Windows laptops? What sort of technology is this?

    • LiamTHX


  • Andreas Gwilt

    OK, I’m not such a Chromebook fan, and I prefer not having everything on the internet, but … O. MY. GOD.

    also, I heard that Micro$oft plan to have Windows 10 and higher cloud based :)

  • Anonymous

    Reading this on a chromebook

  • eb

    Playing Skyrim while reading this on a Chromebook.

    • Daviljoe193


      • LiamTHX

        Would you like your wine with croutons, sir? It sounds like a terrible mix, but it’s just so useful.

        • Daviljoe193

          I mix it all in with my cup of Java. Now, thank god it’s all digital. ;)

  • Jop

    This ad has boosted my interest in the HP Chromebox.

    • Daviljoe193

      Mine is for the Asus Chromebox, but that is with the Haswell Celeron, not the i3 one.