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Momentum Adds Inspiration and Focus to Chrome’s New Tab Page


The stark white backdrop to Google Chrome’s new tab page is hardly the most inspiring of backgrounds. If it leaves you feeling cold, you may want to try adding Momentum.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 15.30.37Momentum, which describes itself as a “personal dashboard” for Chrome, is a replacement for the standard New Tab Page in Chrome. Combining striking HD imagery, motivational quotes and a handful of small extras aiming to help hone your focus, it could just as accurately be called‘Motivator’.

The main screen displays the current time, a personal greeting and, once a day, prompts you to set your ‘main focus’. Extras include a quick link to your apps page, a to-do list and weather forecast. You’ll also find an inspirational quote sat waiting at the bottom of the screen, waiting to defuse any frustration or doubts.

With an emphasis on ‘getting on with things’, Momentum could help tame the procrastinator within. In hiding the attention grabbing clutter of bookmarks and frequently visited sites it really does help in refocusing attention on the stuff that matters.

Aside from that, the extension is fairly light on system resources, and only requires basic permissions. Compared to more elaborate and encompassing options, like iChrome, that’s a hugely welcome move.

Install Momentum for Google Chrome

Momentum is a free extension for Chrome and is available directly from the Web Store.

Momentum New Tab Page on Chrome Web Store

  • After iChrome New Tab extension this is the second tab extension that I like! Really nice…

  • Ben Bristow

    Been using it. Really nice!

  • Kenny Strawn

    Chrome themes also change the NTP background… but yeah, I admit, this also changes the entire NTP itself, and for anyone who needs (and doesn’t already have) daily focus, this is probably the best extension that was ever submitted.

  • Marc-Olivier Denis

    Looks great! Just installed it and figured out a way to change app’s default link to the ichrome page (i’m using both :))

    Waiting for an answer from ichrome’s developper if there is a way to sync momentum’s backgrounds with ichrome.. !

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Man, you guys always share the coolest extensions. Thanks again!

  • Thomas Raukamp

    Nice one, used it for a couple of days. Looks a bit like ‘Bing’ to me. Switched back to ‘Currently’ after some time:

  • I’ve been using Currently, which is fantastic. But this is even better. Simple to do’s and a message of what I’m supposed to be focusing on, plus time and temp. If it gave a bit more forecast, but not too much, it would be perfect. It’s near perfect already.

  • Simon Petrikov

    Okay, it’s official; I’m loving it! – I love just going into and read yet another lovely extention they review.

  • Bob Magilica

    I just got this and i love it!!

  • Update: I’ve been using this for 9 days, and I love it.

  • Ray

    Came here for the cool tab page, decided to stay a while.

  • Romy Prazhad

    It’s really nice if it can be applied on the ubuntu desktop, if I were programmer.

  • William PJ Kulich

    Can’t we have the pretty picture without the wanky text?

  • Brandon

    Cool thanks!

  • Sam Osborne

    If this could integrate with Any.Do that’d be awesome. (Or at least Google Tasks, which then themselves can sync – just – with Any.Do)

  • Robbie Pence

    This is my new tab page thanks to you guys. I love it!

  • Levi Brunette

    Wait, did the preveiw images just say “Good Afternoon, Levi” !?!?!?!?!?

    • Andrew Hou

      Yup. It asks you your name when you first open it.

  • Marissa

    I can’t download this app since there was a problem adding to Chrome. Why?!!!!!

  • xiaoyu2er

    where can i download all these pictures? i just love these pics so much !

    • Shubham

      The pictures are hsoted locally at

      You can manually download them from there.

  • Sandra

    I’m currently using this one, which is similar but has a huge plus: It keeps me informed with great stories. :)

  • karim

    hi how could i download just an app from play store

  • Natalie

    my daily focus disappears every time I close Chrome. How can I get it to stay for the day? Natalie

  • coral taylor

    this says that it is blocked by my administrator when my administrator only blocked the apps not the extentions