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‘Mosaic View’ To Be Removed from Chromebook Gallery App

chrome gallery mosaic view

Mosaic View in the Chrome Gallery App

I do hope you’re not too attached to the crazy paving photo layout in the Chrome OS gallery app as, sob, it’s being removed.

“Mosaic View” (to give it its official name) lets you view photo thumbnails in a slightly more interesting way than the gridded view of the file manager. It is especially great for “zooming out” to get an overview of photos, and can be a fast way to locate that one eye-catching image within a crowded sea of many.

But, to quote one Chromium developer, Mosaic View is “a bit of a mess”.

The plan, listed on the Chromium Issue Tracker, is to remove the feature as soon as ‘…a better grid view’ lands in the The only thing keeping the angularly adaptive grid from being given the ol’ heave ho right now is the impending Material Design makeover headed to Chrome’s core application set.

Press ‘M’ For Crazy

The Gallery App Icon

The Gallery App Icon

The mosaic view was introduced in 2012 as part of the big “Aura/Ash desktop” overhaul. Performance issues have blighted both the gallery and file manager applications for some time, with thumbnails of images slow to load, the editor causing badly optimised exports, and so on.

The upcoming Material redesign of the file manager will see many changes made to the way the core Chrome OS app suite looks and feels.

Most of those changes will be for the better — like adding support for playing animated GIFs at last — but some will come at the expense of familiarity. Sad as that is, such is progress.

  • TIL: There was a Mosaic View.

  • Less features! Less available disk space! We need to make Chrome OS worse!
    …not that anyone cared about mosaic view.

  • gdawilson

    When can we expect that update on the stable channel?

    I’m not disappointed with my Chromebook, but I was hoping Google would implement big changes per update

    • Frederic MANSON

      I agree with you. These last days, 3 updates for… nothing on my CB HP G1. No improvements, no nice UI, nothing at all. It’s a waste of time, hours of coding for the developers, and a lot of money. I prefer the way Ubuntu is moving than the actual Google policy. As soon I have enough money, I buy a cheap Wintop with enough storage room and I put Ubuntu on it. I quit ChromeOS. Definitively.

      • You appear to be suggesting that fixes, security updates, performance improvements, and other “under the hood” tweaks are “a waste of time” because you want a new UI every few weeks?

        Yeah, a Chromebook isn’t for you.

        It’s also a massive misconception on both your parts to assume you’d get “big changes per update” on the stable channel. The stable channel is stable by definition — it’s in the name! It gets everything last, after it’s been tested, honed and tested in canary, beta and dev — and then tested some more — to make sure it is rock solid when it rolls out to the majority of people.

        • Frederic MANSON

          I wrote a long answer but it’s clearly a waste of time. I quit.

          • João Victor Schiavo

            Just wait until Material Design reaches Chrome OS. Maybe in July. ;)

        • Boothy

          I’m happy with the fact that my Chromebook/box get faster, more stable with little improvements each time, but the UI retains it’s simple, but effective look.
          My biggest wishes are for Google rather than Chromium.
          I’d love material design for all Google’s services to drop tomorrow, and a version of GPS to arrive for Archon, so I can install cool android games on Chrome.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Joey, isn’t that the Mavericks wallpaper you’ve got on your chromebook there? Wrong OS bud ;)

  • Thor15

    What I am still waiting for is a simple zoom option (button, slider, whatever) to zoom into images! I do not give a hoot about tiles, mosiacs, I want to be able to zoom into an image that is a tad small…