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Netflix Plugin for ARM Chromebook Added to ChromeOS Dev

Playback Support for Popular On-Demand Streaming Service Arrives in Dev Build

Are you a Samsung Chromebook (aka ‘The ARM one’) owner? Good news: you are one step closer to finally being able to use Netflix.

Although Netflix works on x86-based Chromebooks, as well as on Android, support for the ARM Chromebook has been missing since its launch.

Google insisted that it was a priority and, in a recent developer build of ChromeOS, we can see that they were true to their word: a Netflix plugin is now available:


The ARM-friendly Netflix Plugin in ChromeOS Dev

Note the version number of this ARM plugin, 1.0.3, against that available in regular ol’ ChromeOS, 2.1.2.

So the plugin has arrived – great news! Now for the bad: it hasn’t been activated yet.

Trying to watch Netflix on the Samsung Chromebook still throws out the ‘not supported’ error.


Netflix Says No – But Not For Much Longer!

But its arrival in the developer channel is proof that you won’t have to wait much longer to get your couch-potato fix on the Samsung Chromebook.

  • Jeggy

    if this would work on chromebook, shouldn’t it be working on Ubuntu also?

    • Joey-Elijah Sneddon

      Not quite, no. Netflix on ChromeOS only works if the device is in stable and the bootloader is locked as this is used to validate the kernel, which in-turn validates the system, which in-turn gives the “okay” to the DRM-y stuff in the Flash plugin ChromeOS uses.

  • Lou G

    I just bought an ARM chromebook too (I hope it’ll be here by Tuesday. So this is GREAT news.

  • dlemons

    so this was posted about a week ago…any updates on when we will get to actually watch netflix?

  • socalpimp

    what about XBMC?