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New 14-inch Acer Chromebook Coming Soon

acer cb15

Acer is to launch a brand-new 14-inch Chromebook. 

As spotted by Notebook Italia, who kindly tipped us to its existence, several European online retailers have thenotebook available for pre-order.

Acer Chromebook 14 Specs

The Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431 (N16P1) ships with a 14-inch display pushing a standard HD resolution (1366×768).

If that’s not whetted your appetite make the (lurid sounding) ‘sparkly silver’ case might?

Specs wise the new device will sport a speedy dual-core Intel Celeron N3050 (Braswell) humming along at 1.6GHz. There’s the standard 2GB of RAM, but roomier-than-usual 32GB eMMC storage.

The device will slot in nicely to the rest of the Acer Chromebook family. It nestles amid a board of 11.6-inch models, a touch-enable 13.3 -inch Chromebook, and the, thus far only, 15-inch Chromebook.

We’re told we can expect the Acer Chromebook 14 to retail at €320-380 when it goes on sale in Europe in the next month or two.

As the device has passed through the FCC an American release is almost certain.  

  • tiamat2009

    1366×768??? When i woke up 3 about 2 months ago I could have sworn that it had just become 2016

    • Dracono

      This, in this year even for a Chromebook in this just sad.

      • Stellanatus

        Smaller screen means you need less pixels. It just becomes unnecessary cost for something that isn’t noticeable.

        The whole point of a Chromebook is to beat the competition in price and innovation rather than blowing your entire wallet on old school methods and barbarically shoving more ram into your system.

        • Keven McCuller

          Don’t ever look at the screen of a Toshiba CB 2 then…your bubble will be burst. Nicest laptop I have ever owned at any price point.

        • Dracono

          Yes, but only if it was at < $99. This is not a typical 11" screen found in prior Chromebooks, so the extra resolution would be appreciated for such a large device.

        • huckleberry582

          I don’t have a problem with the lower resolution, necessarily. In fact the only time it seems to be a bit of a problem is when I want to use remote desktop to reach my (cough) windows (cough) machine at home. I end up having to use my tablet for that. Aside from that, the only real gripe I have is the poor viewing angles. I would pay a little extra for better viewing angles as opposed to higher resolution.

        • Degru

          They should focus on making the screens better. I agree, on an 11″ device a 1366×768 screen looks fine, but when that screen has really poor brightness and viewing angles, it looks awful. If a $300 tablet can have a 1080p IPS screen, why can’t a Chromebook?

  • Aaron Bell

    just happy to see some new stuff posted on the site… i was getting worried! i love this site and check it daily

    • Mehmed

      you should check it weekly. new updates for chrome os occur every 6 weeks.

  • kcken

    I grabbed the Toshiba Chrome book II about 2 months ago. The high res screen, and the excellent keyboard is what sold me. Probably one of my fav. purchases over the past few years. There are also enough chrome apps now to cover all the nerdy things I would use a typical laptop for. (Haven’t turned my actual laptop on since I got the chrome book).

  • Ryan Neely

    That thing is absolute crap.

  • JohnCalla

    Probably going to finally snag a Chromebook this year. Not sure if I should just grab the Toshiba CB 2 or wait a bit to see if anything new is coming?

    • nathal

      I’m using the Dell Chromebook 13. It’s got a really great screen (I keep it at 1536×864 so the UI elements aren’t too tiny), great feeling keyboard and superfast and light. It sounds good too. If I didn’t get this I’d get the Toshiba CB 2 for sure, which also has great reviews. I wonder what they could do with a CB 3 that would really improve upon things?

      • alvaro guzman

        How about the fan? it is too noisy? I have the samsung serie 3, and i really like the silent of a fanless notebook.
        It’s almost a deal breaker for me to get the Dell 13 :/

        • nathal

          Oh, it’s very quiet. There’s no noise.

          • alvaro guzman

            Is kind of silly this question, but it gets warm when is laying on the bed or couch?

          • nathal

            No, I’ve used in laying in bed quite a few times and haven’t felt any problematic heat

    • jeffmaz

      The latest CB2 came out in October, so if you want a Toshiba CB, get one now. I’ve bought 5 different Chromebooks and the CB2 is by far the best – with 1080, 4gb RAM, backlit keyboard, battery lasts forever, fast processor that doesn’t big down with 20 tabs open….
      The others I own, Asus, Acer and 2 HP 14’s are nice, this one is several steps above.
      One tip, buy these used on eBay. People but Chromebooks, thinking they are Windows machines. They barely use them, if at all. Every one I have bought used, except one, still has the free storage.

      • alvaro guzman

        Do you know if the Dell 13 is better? I have red that it outperforms the CB2 of toshiba

        • jeffmaz

          Supposedly the Dell is built like a tank, but much more expensive – and with lots available upgrades. It’s 6 cell battery lasts forever. It was not out yet when I bought mine. But it is $430 vs $270 – I paid under $200 on ebay. If the CB is your daily driver, might be worth spending more on it – but I am very happy with the Toshiba.

  • Vin

    I feel like I’m Bill Murry in Groundhog Day.

  • When will someone put out a nice, speedy machine? Is it too much to ask for AT LEAST 4GB of RAM? I bought an Acer C7 or something like that and immediately upgraded from the 2GB it comes with to 8GB and now it is pretty fast. The processor should be faster too. I KNOW these machines aren’t for gaming but I would still like them to be faster. Until someone ships a chromebook with an i5 or compatible processor with 8GB of RAM at a DECENT price I will not purchase another Chomebook. Which is really sad, because I like the idea of a chromebook. I just don’t like the idea of them taking forever to load the desktop. They boot to the login screen pretty quick, but then you sign in and have to wait forever. It should be damn near instantaneous. It’s not like it is having to load a bunch of bloatware in the background. After years of using the chromebooks (I received one of the free beta chromebooks), I have found the best use for them is turning them into a full blown Ubuntu desktop. If I am gonna have to wait for things to load I should at least be waiting on a full desktop to load.

    • Jay

      take forever to load the desktop? My Toshiba Chromebook CB35-3300 has a Celeron CB3215U processor with 4GB ram and takes about 5 seconds to cold boot to the login, and then about 2 seconds more to start loading my login page. Are you sure that what you’re attributing to a slow processor isn’t a slow internet connection? I’ve had my chromebook for about a month and have never wanted more speed or processing power.

    • Kyle Edwards

      Gonna say, I have the Acer 13 and it booted in around 7-8 seconds no problem.

  • HarryWarden

    Ever since I bought the Pixel 2 I can’t imagine going back to a lower-end Chromebook. I owned a Samsung CB and a Toshiba Chromebook 2 prior to the Pixel 2 and they both pale in comparison. Even the nice screen on the Toshiba couldn’t completely hide the lackluster processor that would take too long to load Outlook.

  • Stefan van Aalst

    My first Chromebook Acer C720 4Mb, loved it. I had to wait a long time for something better, Acer C910 HD 4Mb, i3 …a bit big, a bit heavy, a bit expensive …

    But the 15″ screen is ideal for having two tabs open at the same time. I do quite a bit of work in Gsheets (with some scripting as well), ideal.

    What I can’t belief is that manufactures still output netbook-like performance for Chromebooks.

    For at home I’m looking for a Chromebox …nothing decent available. For simple one-tab browsing that is fine. But this is not how it works for me.

    • Vin

      Exactly. It’s hard to respect something if it doesn’t respect itself. The Chromebook industry needs to grow and make better machines (and software) for those of us who want to do real work (like Gsheets/scripting). Give me a bigger screen and better specs.

    • Homer J. Simpson

      Do you mean 4gb? 4mb is not usable…

  • hellol11

    Whew. For a while, I thought this site had suddenly died on us.

    • HoLT

      Me too. I even went as far as removing it from my bookmarks bar. Unfortunately, with one article every few months you might as well be dead, though…

      • hellol11


        • alvaro guzman


          • hellol11


  • juanjeremy2012

    Seriously man they need to go back to using core chips in these chrome books. The 3050 is a total dog I think there’s a newer version of the Brazwell chip called the J 3060 but I’m not sure where that is

  • M HiStat

    Hmmm.. A recent article in Mashable describes a new aluminum skinned Acer Chromebook 14 with a full HD screen and .7 inches thin!

  • Vin

    You know what I want? A Google Chromebase Pixel LS. I want a machine with a righteous big screen to I can do good useful work and not feel like I am going blind.

    • Degru

      Then get a regular all-in-one and put Cloudready on it, if you want ChromeOS that much. That’s not what Chromebooks/Chromebase are for. They’re meant to be cheap computers to use the web. They’re not meant to be iMac replacements.

  • On Acer’s website it has a full aluminum chassis. Looks like a macbook. Really nice

  • Michael Huff

    I’d love to get one of these. My first Chromebook (ASUS C300, the one with the 4GB RAM and the 32 GB eMMc, decided I no longer needed a screen (and now I have to think about replacing that with another $80 LCD. Great. Just great.). But my Acer Chromebook 15″ is doing great! Hate that it has a cooling fan, because the ASUS one had the same CPU, same amount of RAM and it didn’t need one. Ever. We need to eliminate moving parts. It’s one of the charms of a Chromebook.

  • I cannot fin detailed specs for this model anywhere. Anyone know if this Acer model supports a full SD card slot? And if it does is it the type where the SD card inserts flush to the body and doesn’t stick out?

  • Degru

    Great to see cheaper premium-feeling Chromebooks becoming available. I suppose this is like a Dell Chromebook 13 for regular consumers, since that thing is priced and designed more for businesses.

  • I don’t know why they bother making Chromebooks with only 2GB of RAM. The performance difference with a 4GB Chromebook is staggeringly better for only a few more dollars. RAM is like oxygen for computers.

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