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New Chromebooks Shown Off In Latest Google Ad

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 23.08.08

Google’s press event on March 31 unleashed a torrent of new Chromebooks, including the stylish all-metal ASUS Chromebook Flip.

But while that device may have won the plaudits it’s just one of several Chromebooks being showcased in Google’s latest video spot promoting the Chromebook family.

And ‘family of Chromebooks’ is an apt expression.

In the one minute clip, titled “For Everyone, Everywhere”, fast cuts stitch together a patchwork of Chromebook models and their roles in everyday life to create a vibrant and positive montage that feels more like a lifestyle pitch than a product promo.

Also on show are the ASUS C300 and C201 notebooks; the Toshiba Chromebook 2; HP Chromebook 14. The promo also gives us our first glimpse at the new Chromebooks from Indonesia’s Nexian and India’s XOLO.

It’s a lively, colourful and wholly ‘Google’ spot that shows viewers just how seamlessly Chromebooks can slot in to everyday situations, be it learning in the classroom, cooking in the kitchen or surfing the web from the couch.

The music used in the video is “Handsome” by the British indie-rock band The Vaccines.

  • Rich

    I love chromebooks and there is certainly a use for them, but the video was a bit misleading lol. They had a girl playing some RPG game, some guys making a music video project, and another guy using some 3D CAD software. I don’t know exactly what programs those were, but I’m sure they work with the chromebook. But the way they present it is as if the chromebook can run any program, which it certainly can’t.

    You can tell the video is trying to show that the chromebook is very much capable of doing things beyond web browsing. While it definitely can, in my experience it’s just not very reliable to do those things.

    In other words, Chrome OS can do a lot of things that people need, but is just not advanced enough to do them well and warrant replacing a windows os for example. Using things like sumo paint, WeVideo, or even google sheets, just isn’t as good as other software.

    • rheerani

      I want to know what game she was playing?!

    • Hmm, it’s a tough one but I’m almost certain that Google don’t feature “made up” apps in their promos. Either the apps shown aren’t yet available or are available and not that well used.

      Of course, they may not be as seamless as they seem in this clip (I.e video editing on what appears to be a rooftop)

      There is a app for viewing, interacting, etc with some AutoCAD files. I think we wrote about it a few years back.

      There are a number of 3D games in the web store, or she could be playing an Android game that’s running through ARC.

      video editing I’m not sure about, though.

      Either way Google’s Chromebook Ads have, on past form, never been “misleading” to my mind.

      • Rami Selin

        Girl is playing KingsRoad, guys are editing video with WeVideo and 3D CAD software is 3DTin. Yep, every one of those apps are available from Chrome Web Store.

      • Rich

        Yeah they definitely showed things that the chromebook were capable of, and those are actual programs that a person can use. But I just think it’s misleading in that if someone were unfamiliar with it, they might think it can run full fledged programs.

        For example, I’d see the guy viewing a CAD file and think the chromebook can be used for CAD type programs like AutoCAD or Solidworks. I’d see the girl playing the RPG game and think that the chromebook can run real games like Diablo or Skyrim or something. I’d see the video editor and think the chromebook could run a good editor.

        I don’t know, they’re technically not lying, but it seems slightly deceiving, especially to someone unfamiliar with chromebooks. I think the main purpose of a chromebook is a fast, hassle-free, inexpensive, portable notebook. But in the ad they are marketing it as something for everyone that can do anything when it’s just not there yet. However, that’s why I like seeing all of the new improvements to Chrome OS. Like VLC coming soon will be very nice.

    • ClikFire _

      The video app is real its called WeVideo and is actually a solid video editing app. I think it works offline also.

      I have noticed more 3D games popping up in the chrome store lately that actually look really good quality.

      • Cristian Otegui

        yes, WeVideo works offline

  • What’s the game in 0:46??

  • Brian Oswald

    Why is commenting disabled at OMG! Ubuntu?

    • Because OMG! Ubuntu users are bad people. Don’t talk to them.

      • Austin Davolt


      • Jrodd

        The thing about disabling commenting is it cutts you off from your audience. I agree some or alot lol of OMG Readers can be real jerks and whiny. But Disabling comments on the whole site is gonna cutt off people from not be able to talk about the content and perhaps harm traffic and readership eventually.

        Just my thoughts. I feel strongly it hurts you to do this.

        Perhaps it’s just off temporarily or perhaps too many jerks :(

    • KDGNOR

      commenting is what i always read.

  • ChromeDude

    Anyone know the name of the font used for the ‘For Everyone’ slogan?

  • Muhammad Rivana

    simmilar with apple ad..

  • “For everyone, everywhere” is a pretty ironic slogan when most chromebooks aren’t available outside the US.

  • ChromeDude


  • Guest

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