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CTL Launches Education’s Cheapest 4GB Chromebook

CTL Chromebook for Education Front Side Left

CTL Chromebook J2

Two brand new Chromebooks have been unveiled by the Oregon-based computing company CTL. 

Similar to their previous Chromebook, the new ‘CTL Chromebook J2’ and ‘CTL Chromebook J4’ notebooks are being aimed at education and feature ‘rugged’ designs aimed at withstanding classroom bumps and scrapes.


Both Chromebooks use an 11.6-inch anti-glare HD display with a resolution of 1366×768. This is standard fare for such devices, and expected at the lower-end of the device spectrum.

For keeping class notes and work CTL is equipping the notebooks with 16GB eMMC storage. This can be expanded by using the flush MicroSD card slot and 2× USB 2.0 ports available.

Memory size is the only differentiator between the two devices with the J2 version offering (you’ll never guess) 2GB RAM (oh you did guess…) and the J4 model sporting 4GB RAM.

The CTL Chromebook J-series arrives amid a raft of other Chromebooks based around the new ARM Cortex-A17 RK3288-C processor from Chinese chipmaker Rockchip. This chip has been designed specifically for Chromebooks.


Price & Availability

In addition to the nuts and bolts the CTL Chromebook J2 and J4 Chromebooks for Education are being made available with a 3-year warranty. A host of extra services are also being offered including the “White Glove provisioning”, a process where the devices are set-up and configured to work within an organisation’s infrastructure ‘out of the box’.

The CTL Chromebook J2 with 2GB RAM is available to order today priced from $179. Educators can purchase a model packaged that includes a Chrome Device Management license for $199.

Order the CTL Education Chromebook J2

The CTL Chromebook J4 with 4GB RAM will be available in mid-April with pricing starting at $209 (making it the cheapest 4GB education Chromebook on the market) and $229 when purchased with a Chrome Device Management license.

Pre-order the CTL Education Chromebook J4


CTL COO Erik Stromquist says the company is “…proud to partner with Google to bring our education customers a Chromebook that provides students, teachers and IT managers with a powerful and durable device that enhances the learning experience.“

“We understand the budgetary constraints that school districts are facing today. The new CTL J2 and J4 Chromebooks for Education are part of our ongoing mission to provide educators with innovative, cost effective solutions.”

last year the company released the CTL Education Chromebook based on the Intel reference design and based around an Intel Bay Trail processor.

  • Boris Kucher

    what the point of 4gigs of ram if it 32bit or am i wrong?

    • sam

      those cores have 40-bit address space extensions

      • calden74

        Doesn’t matter when the Linux kernel itself is only 32bit, 4GB is the max memory it can handle.

        • joe Halder

          Except Chrome OS (in most cases) runs a 64-bit kernel (32 bit IIRC on some of the first gen atom Chromebooks)

          • calden74

            I don’t get your point, sorry. What does that have to do with this ChromeBook, which is only 32bit. Actually quite a few ChromeBooks still use the 32bit version of Chrome OS as their running an ARM processor, the Nvidia K1 (which is a 32bit processor), so it’s not just the first iteration of the Atom processor. Their memory ceiling is 4GB and use all 4GB, unlike Windows.

            On a side note, Chrome OS actually uses almost every bit of available memory. My Pixel 2, which has 16GB (which I’ll definitly upgrade to 32GB when Samsung finally releases their new 16GB SODIMMS) happily utilizes every bit of available RAM and could easily use more. Never, ever buy a ChromeBook with only 2GB of RAM, it just isn’t enough, well, unless you like torturing yourself.

    • Marc Guillot

      32bits can address 4GB of memory (if Windows could only address 3GB that was a quirk of Windows itself).

  • Glad to see a new low cost rugged chromebook, but I’m gonna REALLY miss the handle from their last model. Honestly it was the killer feature.

    • ChromeDude


      • No, honest to gobs. I was entirely unconcerned about it when I initially purchased the device but it’s super spiffy to walk around carrying it like a briefcase.

        • ChromeDude

          Huh. I guess I never really thought about how useful it would be. Does it make it bulky?

          • Nope. It’s tucked in between the screen hinges and collapses into to be flush with the device when not in use.

  • Univ. Life Church

    This is just a rebranded version of the new Hisense Chromebook available at Walmart.

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