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New Look Gmail Inbox Begins Rolling Out

Gmail's new categories

Gmail’s new categories

A new look Gmail inbox sporting nifty organization features is on the way, Google has today announced. 

New ‘categories’ will automatically groups e-mails based on their content. For example, e-mail updates from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ will appear under ‘Social’; spam¬†promotional mail shots from online retailers will appear under ‘Shopping’; and so on.

Announcing the revamp on the Gmail blog, Google say that the new UI will ‘put you back in control using simple, easy organization’

Whilst the natty new categories feature is intended to be the default look of Gmail in the future Google are assuring users that it can be switched off.

You won’t have to be at your desktop to get the most of the new features. Google say that the features will also be available on its GMail apps on Android and iOS, with an update rolling out in the coming weeks.

As with a lot of Google product refreshes the new Gmail will be rolled out in stages – so if you don’t have it today you won’t be alone. In the meantime,¬†Google say to keep an eye on the Settings menu in Gmail desktop where a link to try it the feature out sooner will shortly appear.

  • Aweso

    I’d sideload it right stinking now if I had the apk XD

  • cakezula

    Nice. My parents will hate it cause “change”, but totally essential for keeping email relevant and useful.

  • diego

    It’s sad that I can’t define my own tabs to show a bunch of labels inside. Or can I?

  • otherplans

    I’ve been using it for a couple of days now. I was skeptical at first, because I had my own way of using the Priority Inbox, but it is a great improvement. Feeling a whole lot more organized, for real.

  • Hmm… I’m curious, but skeptical.
    What about my labels, filters, priority inbox, …? Will those stay?

    • Dipish

      I think they basically added a few “auto labels” and presented them in a new way but I expect my custom labels to be still there.