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Bay Trail Toshiba Chromebook Will Be Available with 1080p IPS Display, 4GB RAM

new toshiba chromebook

But will it have a new design?

Remember that new Bay Trail Toshiba Chromebook we teased last week? Well, we’ve got a bit more information on it to share with you. 

Two separate models are being prepared for a late fall launch, each with varying screen resolutions and RAM configurations like the upcoming Acer Chromebook CB5.

The cheaper of the pair comes with 2GB RAM, a standard HD (1366×768) resolution and 11 hour battery life (better than the 10.5 we were expecting). Tentative pricing for this model is $249.99 (US) making it more than competitive with similarly spec’d Bay Trail devices.

The second has a more generous 4GB of RAM plus a full HD (1920×1080) resolution. The increase in pixels being pushed means an increase in the power required to do so. As such, this model packs in a shorter battery life of ‘just’ 9 hours. MSRP for this model is $329.99 (US).

Release Date

The release date being touted by Toshiba is November. However, the source who shared the latest slither of specs with us expect they’ll begin shipping sooner than that.

Other details remain less firm right now. We’re still not sure if this device is using an Intel N2830 or N2840 processor (both have been referenced in early listing). Both chips are Bay Trail and will provide better power efficiency than the Haswell-class Intel Celeron 2955U used in the current Toshiba Chromebook.

Are these specifications enough to tempt you? 

  • Nice, this could be a good alternative to the Acer CB5 for those looking for a FullHD display.

  • Kenny Rousseau

    So how does this compare to the CB 13? This one has high res and 4gb for 329, however the CB 13 has that at 349, but how will they compare to each other?

    • Alucard291

      Honestly I’d go for the bay trail simply because it still tentatively falls into the realm of x86. And with that crouton ubuntu is possible to complement chrome-os.

      Even if K1 is suddenly faster its still an ARM cpu with all of the caveats that it brings.

      Only my opinion of course.

      • Kenny Rousseau

        I have an i3 so I may not be getting either, not only that I’m not going to be doing the whole crouton thing XD not my thing really :P

        • Alucard291

          I can understand you tbh. The less one uses ANY linux desktop distro the better his quality of life generally is.

          As for the i3… I don’t know I like my chromebook even though my desktop is a lot more powerful. I generally find myself spending a lot more time with this thing on my lap.

      • brownieboy

        You don’t need Intel processor for the crouton/Linux stuff. It works fine on ARM too.

        Maybe not all the apps you need will have ARM/Linux packages, but the biggies – LibreOffice, Chrome, Firefox, GIMP etc – all do.

        • Alucard291

          Hah yeah. Wake me up the day you can use steam home streaming on arm :)

      • KC69

        we already know how 4 Cortex A-15 cores perform, so i am not very optimistic about the K1, unless Google somehow plans to utilize its GPU. Until then, the Bay Trail seems like the better choice.

        • Alucard291

          yup agreed

      • *cK*

        Yea, forget crouton… I’m hoping someone will utilize the Nvidia K1 and make the Chromebook into a “Shield” Edition!!!

        • Alucard291

          Eh so you’re into vendor locked solutions? Good for you I guess.

      • Chris Elkendier

        I would choose K1 over baytrail as it has better battery life and is fanless, plus the graphics performance are way better than the BaySnail. The Haswell beats the K1 in maybe 1 or 2 benchmarks but not by much, I might even snag the K1 over the Haswell but definitely over the BaySnail.

        • Alucard291

          I don’t even know how what to say to you to be honest.

          Maybe a simple “don’t buy too much into nvidia’s marketing”?

          K1 is just a quad a15 with a half decent GPU which is certainly faster than a quad a15 with a mali gpu. But honestly it doesn’t win any awards in heat production levels or performance levels for that matter.

          Its still the same cpu (just higher clocked and thus hotter and less efficient) as was used last year in tegra 4. Nothing new there at all. And gpu… Yeah all those games you can run under ChromeOS or Arm/Linux…

  • view2share

    I have the current Toshiba and the screen view angles — just over all quality, are not so hot. The resolution is not the problem, but rather the quality of image and view angles. Seems the new processor choice these days is for a less powerful CPU. Oh well.

  • pixelstuff

    Is this 1920×1080 display going to be IPS? The non-IPS display on the HP 14″ is pretty bad. Practically unusable unless you view it within a few degrees of straight on and if there happens to be a glare from something in the background, well now you have a catch 22.

  • googoolo

    Good. The more 1080p chromebook the merrier

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Won’t happen on the 1080p version, since the GPU has to work harder

      • Chris Elkendier

        The Acer CB5 1080p is fanless but it is using the K1 by nVidia, this Toshiba will have a fan on account of BaySnail

        • mjmoon29

          Uhm aren’t all Baytrail chips cool enough to be fanless and power sippers that are in direct competition to the K1? I think it’s the newest Intel for portables line of Celeron chips and according to the pcworld article for this Toshiba Chromebook 2 it is fanless, thus the thinner profile. I agree though that the quality and also the usage of the gpu could be the tie breaker in specs unless you have a preference between an Acer TN and Toshiba IPS?

          I think I’ll wait till I can see a side by side of the Acer Chromebook 13 and this new Toshiba Chromebook 2 (and if Canada is fortunate enough to get these models as the current release list is shorter then other locales).

          • Douglas Boehme

            When BayTrail was first announced, it was done as a fanless CPU so I think you’re correct.

  • titanium_man

    Im personally waiting for Chromebooks with better displays. A good IPS panel for starters

    • fuzzylumpkins

      the 11 had a great display.

    • Miles Bader

      One problem is that it’s often very hard to figure out what screen tech is used… manufacturers are expert at just omitting any info they think might be unfavorable from their specs, and salespeople are often clueless. The only dependable method seems to be tracking down one in a store and actually looking at it.

  • fuzzylumpkins

    Other reports have said the screen is IPS and that the speakers fire through the keyboard. 1080p IPS, 9 hours on battery, loud speakers through the keyboard, only thing left is the keyboard and trackpad and it might be the perfect Chromebook!

    • CrazyDelta

      If the IPS reports are for real, this will be my new Chromebook.

  • lol2050

    the perfect size at 13″ and HD…..this is what i been waiting for.

    • Aaron Porter

      Have you heard of the Tegra K1 Accer Chromebook 13? I’d rather go for that.

      • yes yes I have I bought a CB5-311 two weeks ago and it’s fantastic. The one thing I do not like is the headphone style power cord plug (where it actually plugs into the ChromeBook),
        it’s a little to small and inexpeensive for my taste. Not sure what Acer was thinking? I am used to a plug with a little more girth (like the CR-48’s), ideally ACER would follow DELL’s lead. Other than that, I’m very happy1

    • Jon Pennington

      I think there are many of us waiting for a 3-way shootout between the Toshiba (Bay Trail), Acer (Tegra), and Samsung (Exynos) 1080p 13″ models. Which of the three is sharpest? Which is the hardest to bog down? Which one really has the longest battery life? Even as cheap as they are, nobody wants to buy the wrong one for their own most important feature.

  • Too bad this would not be released in the UK. I’m still waiting for the Core i3 Acer Chromebook that still haven’t made a peep in UK.

  • LiamTHX

    Couldn’t they have just upgraded the screen and kept the processor of the old model?

  • Mehmed

    If this was Cherrytrail and not Baytrail, whey would be smaller, more efficient and faster than bay trail and haswell celeron. But noooo, Intel just decided to sell more bay trail…

  • Aaron Porter

    Sounds great, chromebooks are different, and they should look different, HP has done a decent job with that.

  • Yatgirl Teh Bucket

    can this be hooked to verizon 4g/lte? these are worthless to me without a constant connection/ thanks in advance