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Remo – Music Player App for Chrome and Chrome OS

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 12.30.16

One of the most common criticisms I hear of Chrome OS is that it can’t play or open ‘local’ files wihout first uploading them to the web.

But this isn’t true – as Remoa beautiful offline music player for Chrome, proves.

Music Playback on Chrome OS

Whilst Chrome OS comes with an audio player of its own (see image further down this post) it’s not particularly flashy.  Remo, on the other hand, is.

Using it couldn’t be simpler: you just drag and drop music files/folders from the file manager on to it and drop, then select the track you want from the list and hit play.


Remo Features

Picture of Chrome OS music player

Chrome’s Default Audio Player

Remo isn’t an iTunes replacement; it doesn’t remember music files/folders between session, nor audio level settings.

But is it a massive drawback? I don’t think so. Remo does what it claims to – play music – and does it with ease.

Plus, did I mention that it’s far nicer looking than the built-in audio player of Chrome OS?

A couple of useful keyboard shortcuts are supported for controlling playback:

  • ‘P’ or space toggles play/pause
  • Left/right arrows jump to the next/previous track respectively

There’s even an app for Android that lets you use your phone as a remote control.

Like it? Remo is a free app available on the Chrome Web Store.

Remo Music Player for Chrome

  • Sean Lumly

    What a beautiful looking app! I really like the style (ie. incorporating the typical window decorations into the app window).

    • S. Murphy

      I disagree. The free web apps are what brought me over. It will bring more people over just like with the Play store for Android. In this case I’m going to stick to listening to music from my sd card, its still simpler and I diminish the interface anyway.

      • Sean Lumly

        You misunderstand me. It’s not that the store is bad because there are free apps in it, it’s that the store is bad because it is full of junk and hasn’t persuaded developers that would otherwise create apps that they can sell. Free apps are great, as is the free-to-play model, and I’m glad that they are available via the CWS (just as I am glad that they are available via Play). But the general quality of apps on the Chrome Web Store are sorely lacking and have been since the beginning.

        • Roger Siegenthaler

          Well I suspect they’ll be integrating the Chrome Web Store into Google Play soon enough seeing as Google Play doesn’t actually have much to do with Android anymore (apart from the Apps section) which would bring all the goodies of in-app purchases and monetization with it :).

          • Sean Lumly

            I hope this is the case as well. It would also be interesting if there was a cross-over for apps that support both platforms in a single code-base (eg. packaged apps).

          • Roger Siegenthaler

            Well maybe not even in a single code base but provide packages for both systems :).

          • Sean Lumly

            Why not a single code base? After all, Chrome packaged apps work on windows, right? Why not Android?

            Sure they wouldn’t be as fast as native, but for many apps, they wouldn’t need to be (the classic Chrome vs native argument), and mobile CPUs are remarkably fast these days: chips as fast as the Samsung Chromebook will be available in nearly all modern phones by the end of this year, and next year they will be even faster!

          • Roger Siegenthaler

            Because Chrome packaged apps work by running their code in a normal chrome window minus the controls, you can’t cross reference code like that in android afaik.

          • Sean Lumly

            Chrome is the default browser for Android and will become the default renderer for web instances in other apps. So yes, a packaged app could conceivably run the exact same way on Android as it does in Windows (ie. a chrome instance without the controls).

          • Phil Oakley

            They have an ‘Android apps’ section on the Play Store now, so it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine a ‘Chrome apps’ section too. Although I’d only want Chrome packaged apps in the Play Store – not the extensions and links to websites as well.

  • Kaitlyn

    how in the world do you get this thing to work?
    I don’t get it. Sorry, but how do you install the music?
    I would like to install some rock, alternative, and some pop music, yet I don’t know how? What is the process, thanks!

  • Zune software :D

  • emily

    i am confused this think is very hard to work

  • TommyC

    Remo keeps coming back after deinstalled.