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How Often Do You Use Your Chromecast? [Poll]

cast love

Do you love your Chromecast?

Let’s talk about you and your Chromecast.

You’ve either been together a while, or you’ve only just started a relationship. Either way it doesn’t matter: you’re in each other’s lives.

Whether you have fallen in love with the first-gen model, achieved aural bless with an amorous Chromecast Audio, or veg out with a fancy-pants TV that has Cast Ready tech built in, we want to know how often you use it.

Do you use it multiple times a day to cast YouTube videos, Netflix and other content? Or has your dongle spent more time collecting dust than it has casting streams?

Note: if you don’t own a Chromecast you do not need to vote in this poll. If you can’t see the poll (hello RSS readers and Android app users) head to the post:

  • Pomab

    I use mine to watch live TV from networks like ABC in full HD, where the cable box Comcast are so graciously “lending” me can only pull in SD unless I pay them an extra $20/month for a better one. I love that little dongle so much.

  • DoctorRabbitfoot

    Hourly isn’t an option?

    • I clearly underestimated how much everyone loves their Chromecasts!

  • Gerhard Burger

    Guess what? I use it to watch Netflix at 1080p, because Chrome on Ubuntu only supports 720p :(

  • David Blum

    Use mine daily to stream Netflix, Google Play, and many of my podcasts. Have three, one in living room, one in bedroom, and one for travel as it works in many hotels I stay in.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Does cast-enabled Shield TV count?

  • pixelstuff

    Had to switch to using a Roku 4 because of the Amazon app not being available for Chromecast. Since the Roku duplicates most of the other Chromecast apps it seems redundant to have both on the same TV.

  • Sean van Zuidam

    Daily for sure ?

  • Mi Pen

    Daily to weekly…depends on how much I watch TV as i’m mostly a gamer. Also I went back to a more powerful card I had, which doesn’t have a second DVI output. So I use my Chromecast again with my Android tablet more.

  • dude

    I use it daily with Sony-Vue TV service and HBO NOW….works great with it….love Chromecast.

  • Cristian Otegui

    I love my Chromecast 1°GEN

  • Mace Moneta

    After setting up a Raspberry Pi with Kodi and PlexBMC, I rarely use it.

  • Bryan Hamon

    It’s the only streaming device on my bedroom TV

  • Zactu

    The main reason why I don’t use it is because there no dedicated remote. Hence I use the AppleTV, which has the apps I use, and the remote also controls the TV volume, no need to have the phone with you, or the laptop open. The AppleTV is so much more convenient. Only use the chromecast when the AppleTV app fails to show video, which is rarely.

    • You are comparing two different approaches. Take a look at Nexus Player instead.

  • I use Chromecast to show our company Geckoboard up on the big screen to watch live sales tracking. Plus, a Chromecast travels with me so that in any hotel I can watch what I want when I want as well as having the Chromecast operate as a “projector” for presentations.

  • William G Berninghausen

    Roku 2 made the Chromecast surplus.

  • Adrian Meredith

    I wouldn’t use it at all if google cast on the shield TV actually worked

  • ARB

    Never. It simply doesn’t work with internet at mine’s speed, since it loads its advertising at such high resolution that my internet would take 5-10 minutes to download the ads alone. 1080p ads on a 360p video (which plays fine on my laptop with adblock)? Ridiculous.

  • Omen_20

    Used to use it daily until I got a PS4. Now I’ve been using Vue for TV and casting to the Netflix and Youtube apps.

  • cakezula

    Pretty much everyday to cast media from my laptop.

  • Reece Williams

    everyday. love streaming from chromebook, phone or tablet.

  • Chris

    I used to use one daily, but it’s been replaced by a Nvidia Shield TV. With the Chromecast, I always had trouble with my phone/laptop losing control mid-cast.

    • Malkuth

      I would like to replace mine with a shield also.

  • I have chromecast audio setup at my pool and use it daily- it’s great! I don’t use the traditional chromecast as much, but it does come in handy on occasion. I like he fact that I can cast from my iMac and someone can continue to use it. Can’t do that with Apple TV!

  • LeopardSurd

    Weekly for sure. But not daily. Sometime I use my Xbox One, that is why.

  • rockon999

    I have my Chromecast always running on a monitor. I love the random artwork and nature photos that it loads! In terms of using it to cast… probably every other day.

  • Jay

    Never. Because I don’t own a Chromecast. But I would buy a Chromecast audio and use it daily if my Chromebook could play .wma files. Chrome OS is still pretty weak on multimedia.

  • othesick

    chromecast is fairly poor on laptops. its a screenshare, a wireless hdmi cable. if they got it to work the same way that it does for android phones then it would be more enjoyable than the way it is now. i almost exclusively use it on my phone because it basically doesnt work on my cheap chrombook. laggy on my windows laptop too

  • Felipe Chierighini

    I love it, since I started using it in 2013 I’ve never watched tv anymore.

  • HarryWarden

    Rarely since I also have a Roku 3 and a new Apple TV.

  • Malkuth

    I use it a few times a week but my 1st gen is buggy and drops the connection often.

  • kingogames

    I use the Chromecast upstairs and Roku 3 downstairs. I have a first gen, and it still runs like a champ. No problems or dropped connections here thankfully!

  • pt020

    Have it 2 years now and the idea is good,only it must work bit better and since I also bought the Asus Chromebit and now I have Chrome OS on my TV I use it less.

  • [M]

    Is this question is about the chromecast device or the chromecast functionality of devices including Android TVs, etc? Just because I never use my chromecast since I have an Android TV, but I do use the chromecast functionality all the time.

  • colin p

    A little late to the party, but I rarely use my Chromecast as I have a Dell Chromebox that makes a very nice HTPC. I am able to stream (NetFlix) as well as Plex, so that’s all I need. I have my Chromecast plugged in but I haven’t switched to it for months.


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