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Pokemon TV, HBO Now and Other New Chromecast Apps

The past few weeks have been a bumper one for Chromecast fans in the US.

A slate of big name TV network apps and innovative games making use of the new second-screen APIs are now  ‘cast ready’.

In this post we recap some of the most notable new additions, skipping over Food Network and the Travel Channel which we covered recently.


HBO Now, the famed TV network’s cord-free video streaming service, now supports Chromecast and other Cast-ready equipment.

Costing $15 a month, HBO Now lets users stream a roster of HBO’s hit shows to their devices without needing to subscribe to a traditional cable TV package.

HBO Now launched as a limited-time Apple exclusive earlier this year and recently found its way on to Android. As of July 2015 the service is rumored to have more than 1 million subscribers.  

As of the latest round of updates to its Android and iOS apps, HBO now supports Chromecast.

The service should not be confused with HBO Go, the network’s on-demand service for TV subscribers which has been Casting since 2013. 

Pokemon TV

Fans of the perennially popular Pokemon animated series are now able to stream episodes from the official Pokemon TV app using Chromecast. The free app offers a handful of Pokemon TV series episodes as well as trailers for upcoming Pokemon games, movies and more.

FitFlap Motion

If you’re in the mood for a frenetic bout of porcine themed fun check out FitFlap by BreakFirst.

The free Android and iOS game turns the front-facing selfie cam of a tablet or mobile device into a motion-tracker.

Players then flap their arms to move pigs on the screen. The faster players can flap, the higher the pigs will soar – and the more coins they’ll be able to collect!

FitFlap Motion on Google Play Store

Catch Phrase Blitz

catchphrase blitz

Hasbro is no stranger to the Chromecast, having lavished support for it on many of their earlier games. The latest using it is Catch Phrase Blitz.

The guessing game has been “designed with features which are best used with Google Chromecast”, according to the Play Store listing.

Pixlr Mobile

Pixlr make a great offline photo editor for Chrome and their Android array of image editing apps are just as good.

As announced back in May, Google Chromecast support has been added to Pixlr mobile (previously known as Pixlr Express).  If you’ve ever wanted to edit photos on the big screen, now’s your chance.

Pixlr for iOS on App Store Pixlr on the Google Play Store

  • Soundcloud and Vessel’s beta apps have both been updated with Google Cast support this week also.

    • SoundCloud Google Cast functionaity is now live in the Play Store

      • ChromeDude

        It’s also pretty glitchy…

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