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Product Page for Spacious New 64GB ASUS Chromebook Goes Live

A roomy Chrome laptop with decent specs

asus c301sa

A product page for the new ASUS Chromebook C301SA has gone live. 

The device, which ASUS is pitching from around $299, is notable for being the first Chromebook to be made available with 64GB of onboard storage — a feature that makes the brightly coloured Chromebook stand out from the pack.

While this is still less storage than many Windows notebooks offer it is double what most Chromebooks offer. Most consumer Chromebooks (excepting the Google Pixel) ship with either 16GB or 32GB of eMMC Storage.

(16GB and 32GB versions of the 301SA are also available)

With 64GB to play with there’ll be plenty of room for files, photos and, more importantly, Android apps.

Aside from ample storage the ASUS C301SA specs also features a healthy 4GB of RAM, the option of a 13.3 inch, Full-HD display (1920 x 1080) or HD (1366×768) display, and an Intel Celeron N3160 (quad-core) processor or dual-core N3060 processor.

The device also features USB 3.0, a full-sized SD card slot, HDMI out, nippy 802.11ac Wi-Fi and the low-power Bluetooth 4.2.

ASUS say the C301SA offers up to 15 hour battery life from a single charge.

You can learn more about the device on the official ASUS website, linked to below.

ASUS Chromebook C301SA Product Page

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  • Eldaria

    Very nice, but no Touch Screen??
    With Android apps coming to Chromebooks, should they not all be Touch screen?

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      No, they shouldn’t. The apps work with Keyboard and mouse/Touchpad well enough that you don’t need a touchscreen

      • Paul

        Yes they should. I’ve had 3 Chromebooks. Just sold my last one (was having issues with wifi) and instead of getting another I got a Dell 13″ 2 in 1 with Windows 10, and that’s coming down a decade+ long Apple guy. I wanted touch. If the Acer 14 had touch that would have been my choice. With Google Play becoming available on Chromebooks shortly no reason why the new lines dont include touch.

        • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

          What would you consider for purchase:

          Regular Asus C301 for 299$ or Touch-screen enabled Asus C301 for 399$?

          • Paul

            399 touchscreen all day. I’d have bought one now if available. The only touchscreen chromebook that I know of is that 10″ Acer/Asus tablet thing. There might be another but it’s not HD screen.

      • Eldaria

        I want you to do a multi touch function like pinching or rotating with a mouse and keyboard in an Android app. Or play a game where you use both thumbs to control on screen buttons.

        I have an Acer 720P and although it does not support Android apps for some odd reason, I have used the touch screen so many times, it is simply much more convenient when you have the computer on your belly lying down on the sofa and scrolling through web pages. Even when sitting at a table it is many times faster to just touch the screen rather then using the touchpad.

        • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

          Pinching – scroll up or down via mouse wheel
          Rotating – hold RMB or MMB and move the mouse itself
          Double stick games – keyboard keys (WASD) + mouse for moving/camera rotation

          What’s the problem?

          • PaintDrinkingPete

            Not that I completely disagree with you, but one problem is that you need a mouse…

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            Or use a touchpad

    • Ross McLean

      Yeah I can’t imagine using the Android apps without touch. Especially when half the appeal is games.

      • person

        Not that it’ll account for everything but game pad support is up and running and a mouse works pretty well for most everything else I’ve tried.

        • Ross McLean

          Woah neat. What gamepad are you using? Does something like plug and play Dualshock 4 work?

          • person

            I’m using a regular Dualshock 4 with a micro USB cable. No app or anything needed.

          • Ross McLean

            What about Bluetooth?

          • person

            Think you’ll need an app to use a DS4 via bluetooth. Not sure about generic game pads but I’ve no reason to believe it wouldn’t work.

    • sonicyoof

      Eh, if it’s a matte screen no touchscreen would be OK with me.

  • Robjules

    Are the Speakers underneath? If they are then that kills the sound and louadness.
    I purchased ASUS C201 and I’m goign to return it due to the lack of any decent sound. It’s so dim.

    • blackandwhiteohana

      acer chromebook 15.6 has dual speakers on top, and only $249. Just picked one up a few days ago for my friend. Its a keeper. they had a older gateway win7 laptop and not missed at all. chromecasting and everything. Battery lasts 7+ hours on a charge.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    I’m torn between this and the Acer Chromebook 15. Hmm…

  • pixelstuff

    No IPS display and no touchscreen options. Everything else looks like a good foundation though if they just swap out that display.

  • WalkerPAranger

    Touchscreen is a must now and manufacturers should know this. If one doesn’t want to us the touchscreen then simply don’t use it.

    • David

      Agree! Bought the Flip and love it. On board storage is low, but I just dropped in a 64gb micro SD card. Need to make them to accept LTE SIM cards to.

    • Deftdrummer

      Battery consumption however to sit and have an active display waiting to receive touch? I don’t think the pros for having but not using out weigh not needing and getting better battery life.

  • Just_Joe

    64GB is nice and all; just remember, though, that Downloads is all temp storage and anything in it could disappear in a heartbeat if the system needs it. If you want local storage, then SD and/or USB flash drive are permanent. Otherwise, you’ll want to backup/sync. (Or, maybe Google will change this soon?)

    • juanjeremy2012

      I didn’t know that downloaded was temp

  • Smallwheels

    Since getting my C720P I’ve wanted a Chromebook with an IPS screen with touch capabilities. The TFT screen is just bad. I could do without the touch screen but there are times when it is useful.

    Living with just 32 GB of storage seems to work OK. I just plug in an external drive if needed.

    I HATE Google Docs. In 2015 it messed up so many times that I just don’t enjoy using it. Most of the kinks have been worked out but every once in a while Google does something to it and it breaks. I REALLY wish there were a downloadable version of LIbreoffice.

    This new Chromebook definitely needs a quality screen for me to take the plunge and buy it. Otherwise the machine has lots of features I like.

    Having a fifteen hour battery life would be great. With my current machine I can watch eight 42 minute TV shows IF I don’t do any typing and keep the brightness very low. Typing seems to kill battery life faster than anything else. Twenty minutes of typing is like one hour of watching a video.

    • Waethorn

      You can use Microsoft Office when the Play Store apps become available in the stable channel, or Office Online if you need to use it now.

    • dave

      Or, install crouton and Ubuntu xfce and have your Libre Office. With xiwi its a pretty seamless experience.

  • Mehmed

    why not apollo lake cpu with 30% more cpu and gpu power?
    whats wrong…

    • Dilligan


  • Frankly, I’m glad it has no touch screen

  • Warwick Barnes

    What i miss is an external chrome keyboard. My acer is so small I frequently plug it into a bigger monitor but all the external keyboards out there are windows. And like anything once you learn a keyboard you don’t want to use anything else. btw if anyone is contemplating making one I’d like it backlit too :)

    • Why don’t you pickup a Chromecast keyboard?

      • Warwick Barnes

        I am not really sure what that is Tim. I’ve been looking at google and seen a few from logitech etc. They are not the keyboard I am used to on my chrome book. ie lhs from bottom to top is ctrl, shift, search, tab. And the shortcuts for caps lock, home end etc etc are combinations of those plus alt.

        • Typo, darn autocorrect, I meant a Chromebase keyboard.

    • I use logitech wireless on my acer chromebooks 100% of the time with external fans monitors, mouse (part of keyboard set) I never have any issues and functions all work fine granted I’m almost never in chromeos preferring my linux partitions. The native keyboard is uncomfortable, and feels cheap plus the touchpad which is worse, sinks down and has known issues brand new even of a sound cable being shorted by the pressure and other problems so i avoid it even if travelling im on external stuff

  • juanjeremy2012

    Can we please have a Chromebook with a regular core cpu and not this atom junk

  • juanjeremy2012

    I wonder if well ever see an amd Chromebook

  • Jop

    “ASUS recommends Windows” in the top-right corner. Microsoft is still pushing it

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  • i have to admit i’m smiling because i paid 40% less for 320GB 3 times withe the acers. I’m clear of many of the vulnerabilities that SSD suffers from and have room to just be sloppy. it’s like ample leg room on a plane :)

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