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QuickDrop Is a Useful Dropbox Extension for Chrome

quickdrop settingsIf you’re looking for an easy way to access your Dropbox files in Chrome without having to keep the official website open in a new tab, then check out QuickDrop.

QuickDrop is a free Chrome extension that adds a button to your toolbar. After linking it up to your Dropbox account, you can click on this to view a mini-file browser listing all of your online files.

‘Download files directly from Dropbox to your desktop…without using the website’

The pop-over lets you sift through and sort your stored files by name or modified date and move in and back out of folders with ease. There are options to download files directly to your desktop, delete ones you no longer need, generate a share link and even rename.

If you have a large number of files stored in your account then the pop-over can take a few seconds to appear. If you intend to try this out, bear this in mind.

Uploading Files

The big draw to this add-on, especially for Chromebook users, is the ability to upload files. This can be done very easily: just drag an image, document or media file from the file manager of your OS and drop it onto any page in Chrome to upload it to your cloud storage account. A progress bar will then be overlaid on screen to let you know how long it will take.


QuickDrop also makes it easy to save content you find while browsing the web. Right-clicking on a photo or file format in a webpage offers the choice to save it to Dropbox.

If you want to keep your web clippings separate you can set a folder to save to through the options pane.

Install QuickDrop for Chrome

QuickDrop is a free extension for Chrome and Chrome OS, and requires a Dropbox account to function.

QuickDrop on the Chrome Web Store

  • Matthew Anderson

    Can’t figure out how to drag anything from the file manager on a Chromebook into Chrome itself. My file manager insists on being full screen only and I can’t drag anything outside it. Any tips?

    • Frederic MANSON

      If your shelf is visible with the files manager window, you have 2 solutions:
      1 – put the cursor between the window and the shelf, move it slowly to have the double arrow icon, press the touchpad and slowly push the window app to the top. When done, put the cursor to the side of your choice of the window app, move it to have the double arrow icon, press the touchpad & move the window app as further as you want. Done!
      2 – 2-fingers click on the shelf, select “Autohide shelf”. You have an easier access to the bottom of the window app to work on it as above.

      If your shelf is not visible, you are in full screen mode. Click on the full screen button (F5), the window app should return to its initial (AKA last memorized size and place). You are lucky, all is okay. You are not lucky, it’s still full screen BUT the shelf is here. Do like in 1 and 2. Done!

      About Dropbox, I use the original app. I will try this shortcut this afternoon.

      • Daniel Green

        Hello Frederic.
        The QuickDrop extension is using standard authentication mechanism provided by Dropbox for chrome extensions and it doesn’t have any security considerations or problems.
        The authentication is based on oAuth 2 mechanism, which doesn’t require storing any user password or email, because only a token string is saved. And no private information is used.
        What about the opened port, there is no such a thing. The extension is just making standard https requests when user is opening the popup to review the files, exactly in the same way the common Dropbox web version.
        The QuickDrop extension was verified by the Dropbox review team before publishing. Without that the extension cannot be used.

        • Frederic MANSON

          Hello Daniel. Thank you very much for this information. This was my biggest question about this ext. Where I am living, a lot of “hacks” were done and some perps are still “playing” at. As I use Dropbox for my development codes, I do not want my files being “reviewed”.

          I will install this ext and I will use it. That way, Chrome open, I will no more use the Dropbox app. It will be much faster to manage my uploads/downloads. Again, thanks for this news!!

          • Daniel Green

            Hi Frederic. I’m happy that the information was useful and especially that you decided to use the extension. More great features will be available soon, so stay in touch :)
            What about the development, you should try to use with git.

    • Daniel Green

      Hi Matthew.
      Thanks for using QuickDrop.
      We will think about your problem and integrate later the possibility to upload files directly from the popup, as an alternative for Drag & drop upload.

      • iquanyin

        this is an issue for some other extensions too. google needs to either give chromebooks a way to do this or make a different option the way that extensions grab stuff. i hope the quickdrop folks and others will pass that on to google.

        • Daniel Green

          Thanks for you interest in this question.
          I was thinking how to implement the upload directly from the QuickDrop popup, but it is difficult. You cannot select a file directly using a File choose dialog, because right away the popup is closed.
          The only good solution is to build by our own a file selector using a tree plugin. It may be complicated for normal OS-es like Windows or Linux, but even worse for Chromebooks.
          Unfortunately we don’t use at all Chromebooks, if you can assist somehow in testing that would be great. Thanks!

  • Aron Tripp

    This is an incredibly useful and awesome Chrome App. I no longer need to use the native DB app. Thank you. Both Quick drop and OMG!