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See the Samsung Chromebook 2 Get Unboxed

unboxingThe Samsung Chromebook 2 goes on sale later this month. But what sort of box does it come in? Will it be padded with styrofoam? ARE TIE CLIPS INVOLVED ANYWHERE??!!

Answers to these questions, and many more, can be found by watching the unboxing video below.

Un-Mocking Videos

Yeah, I know: it’s easy (almost too easy) to mock the blatant gadget pr0n that the humble unboxing video is. Search for a product, however niche it might be, on YouTube and chances are someone, somewhere has recorded themselves opening it up in an act of misplaced helpfulness.

Having watched a fair few over the years, the vast majority are as exciting as they sound (i.e., not very). There’s only so much stating the obvious, excessive description of bubble wrap and blurred close-ups of the leaflets one can take.

But now and then you come across one that gets right to the point, like the Chromebook 2 unboxing video below. While not a review of the device itself, nor offering any insight into performance offered, it gives those looking to pick one up when they hit shelves later this month, an advance preview that’s sure to stoke excitement.

  • Sean Lumly

    It looks really good! Of course, it would be very nice to get a feel for how long it takes for pages to load/render, and how smoothly they typically scroll. Hopefully these videos will be forthcoming.

    • Sean Lumly

      Update! Here is the video looking at general performance!

      • David

        Seems pretty snappy, though I wonder how many apps and files are on the system for the review.

        • Sean Lumly

          Indeed. There are still many questions. But the performance looks more than adequate for casual use. The size, weight, style, battery-life, and fan-less design easily make up for the non-cutting edge speed.

          But like, you, it would be nice to see it running alternate workloads. I would also like to see how well it runs WebGL.

        • David Wales

          Chrome Os doesn’t run apps, that’s the appeal. It should be able to keep the same speed regardless of workload. The only times it will slow down is when you are running something client side like a game, and then it will only be that tab.

          • Roland

            Arm Chromebooks slowdown when you try to cast a tab to a Chromecast. I’ve seen videos on YouTube where a Samsung Chromebook has slowed down so much that it can’t handle anything once you get to about 10 Chrome tabs opened, but an Acer has kept going past 10 open Chrome tabs.

            But the new Exynos Processor might work just as well as an intel Processor.

          • David Wales

            If you have 10 tabs open then something is very wrong.

          • calden74

            I’m sure it will be faster that is a given but you will defiantly still see some lag. I’m still not sold on using ARM in a notebook or laptop. I have a Qualcomm 800 development board with Chromium OS installed on one of the external hardrives, I even compiled the source using the board and even though it’s one the fastest ARM CPU’s available it’s still no where as fast as my Acer 720, in fact I would dare to say it’s about half the speed. The Qualcomm is faster than the Exynos used in the Samsung ARM Chromebook 2 so I know for a fact you will defiantly see some lag when trying to push the CPU, especially when using Chromecast with multiple tabs opened. I’m not trying to dismiss the Samsung as garbage, not my intention, anyone would be very happy to own one just don’t expect to push it very hard.

  • Roland

    The Chromebook 2 looks really nice, it’s a pity that Samsung only use there Exynos Arm Processor in Chromebooks & don’t bring out one with an x86 Processor.

    If I could speak Russian the Unboxing would be easier to under stand though.

  • John Grow

    And done through Glass too. I am also curious, in any case, how fast it is. It’s a cutie though….

  • norcal1953

    Super nice design. But dang, not much in the way of viewing angles LOL.

  • Wildnorth

    Hard to get excited about something that has an Exynos processor in it…..even if there are more cores. Wish Samsung would just go with Haswell.

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