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Leather-Clad Samsung Chromebook 2 On The Way

samsung chromebook 2 leather

The forthcoming Samsung Chromebook 2 features a faux-leather texturised casing — or so images leaked over the weekend appear to show. 

Two tweets posted online by renowned, and reliable ‘leaker’ @evleaks point to the Korean electronics giant furnishing the refreshed Samsung Chromebook line with the same plastic-formed leather-look texture used in many of its other recent products.

The Galaxy Note 3 and TabPro tablets, and Galaxy 5 smartphone, all use the same aesthetic which is said to be a central cue to the look and feel of future Samsung products.

Leather Chromebook 2

The First Image Posted Was a Close Up

Despite the appearance of leather the material used is actually texturised plastic with a ‘grippy’ feel.

But are these two leaked images of a real product? Without official confirmation (or denial) from Samsung we can’t say yay or nay either way.

We do know that two new Samsung Chromebooks are on the way and that of those the 11-inch model will be available in 2 colour choices: black and white. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, the tablet that first shipped with the leather texture, is available in black and white designs.

Hardly irrefutable evidence, but something to bear in mind.

While Samsung may be aiming to evoke a high-end feel with the leather-style look, it comes off a little too “1980s” for me. I may be alone as the texture doesn’t seem to be deterring buyers: sales of the Galaxy Note 3 hit five million units in its first month on sale.

What about you: would you buy a leather-look Chromebook?

  • ken147

    “Leather? For Real?”

    Plastic like the Note and Tab.

  • d2kx

    Don’t really like the leather look that much, but then it is only on the back and it is much better than the crap-glossy-fingerprint-plastic bullshit from most cheap notebooks.

  • The original Samsung Chromebook was so sleek, and this just looks cheap and disgusting. I was gonna buy one as well :(

  • S. Murphy

    Looks like a custom sleeve. The edges would be weird if it were on an actual device.

  • No, I would not. However, I am dangerously close to purchasing a Pixel.

  • miri

    If their Note and Tab Pro lines are any indication, it sounds weird at first but when you see it in person it doesn’t look half bad and it feels surprisingly nice. Would buy.

  • Yvan Philogène

    It’s clearly a fake image… which doesn’t mean it’s a fake info :).

  • Stop calling it leather. It’s not leather, it’s plastic.

  • Efjay

    Oh that’s foul. Very tacky. What’s next? Wood panelling?

    • Nicolae Crefelean

      Well… ASUS had bamboo lids on some Eee PCs. :P So we can expect other new materials in the future. Maybe recycled toilet lids. :))

  • Wesley Files

    I would at least see one in person before discounting the look/durability of it. I haven’t owned or known anyone with a Galaxy product with this leather-look, and haven’t found a reason to investigate those products to see one in a store kiosk.

  • Yvan Philogène

    The 13.3″ model will apparently be octo-core while the 11.6″ is quad-core. It’s a full Exynos 5 story it seems.

    At 400$, the 13.3″ would come with a “fantastic” screen.

  • S. Murphy

    With the new pic I can see it now but I wouldn’t want one only because I’d be afraid of scratching or tearing it.

  • Gtj

    Not in love with the leather look but it doesn’t bother me. I’m happy to have a change from boring grey plastics! If this is the chassis it looks quite sleek and in line with Samsung ultrabooks from the last few years. HD screen and decent battery life (6-8 hours) is all I’m after, oh at an octo core chip ;)

  • Jeffrey Tees

    Is it padded?
    If it is, I could use it as a pillow

  • cody

    the white faux leather will get so dingy as gunk gets all up in the texture.