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The Only Toshiba Chromebook 2 Review You Need To Read

Or to Buzzfeedify it: "This Chromebook Review Will Blow Your Mind"

my reaction to most amazon reviews

My reaction to most Chromebook reviews on Amazon

With the IPS packing Toshiba Chromebook 2 now available to pre-order in the UK from Amazon, many of you debating a potential purchase will be turning to reviews.

As one of the retailer’s biggest selling products in the US there is no shortage of reviews of the notebook on Amazon itself.

Now, and at this point I’d be thinking the same thing, Amazon reviews are sometimes a great read for all the wrong reasons.

But wading through the inconsequential — “Not opened it yet but five stars for packaging!!”, — the banal — “it’s ok I guess“, — or the infuriatingly misguided and/or incomprehensible — USUALLY WRITTEN IN CAPS LOCK!!!!, — can be worth it. Sometimes you come across a real gem of a review. Sometimes you come across the best review you’ve ever read.

Best Amazon Review of a Chromebook Ever


Unlike reviews on technology websites, where devices are ‘loaned’, Amazon reviews have the benefit of emotional investment on the part of the reviewer.

What real, regular folks make of something, its drawbacks and strengths, is more relatable to us than a detached tech blog opine.

Even so, most of us don’t tend to associate in-depth, thoughtful critique with “user reviews”, especially in technology and especially on Amazon. We expect banal comments about excessive packaging, delivery speeds and other trivialities mixed in with ill-judged remarks highlighting the buyers’ own flaws rather than those of the product itself.

Agreement and consistency is a rare victor in the colosseum of ‘my opinion’.

But I recently came across a well written, comprehensive and fair review of the Toshiba Chromebook 2 on Amazon written by a user called ‘BKarno’.

‘This machine offers an experience that is beyond raw speed or benchmark scores’

BKarno‘s Amazon review is, to my mind, the definitive review of the Toshiba Chromebook 2. It’s not steeped in apologies for what it can’t do but is a Chromebook reviewed as a Chromebook, not a drop-in Windows laptop replacement.

Even the title of the review, ‘If You Don’t Need Lightning In A Bottle, This Is The Chromebook For You’, is an indicator of the balanced take. A comprehensive summary touching on every area of the device. It’s honest about its shortcomings but doesn’t needlessly overhype its successes, either.

Next time you have a spare 10 minutes hop on over and read it. It may not persuade you to buy the device but it will convince you Amazon reviews are, with a little digging, well worth paying attention to.

Amazon Review of the Toshiba Chromebook 2

  • Eldaria

    Actually, a lot of people review the wrong thing. So instead of reviewing the product they review the company selling it or the order handling or something like that. This is why it is important to have 1. a lot of reviewers, 2. A review system where people can tell if a review was helpful or not, thus up/downvoting it. 3. reading the review. I find often that very low reviews for things are not at all related to the product, but rather the shipping, or customer care or somethign else not related.

    • Vin

      Yes, but those non-product review comments are just as important. You aren’t just buying a product – you are buying a product from a vendor. Who I buy that product from is influenced by reviews of people who buy things from that vendor.

      • Jeffrey Heesch

        There is a different place for vendor feedback. Giving a bad review because of a bad shopping experience means that you’re lowering the overall score of a product, regardless of which vendor someone might buy from.

        • Vin

          No, giving a bad review at a site such as Amazon affects the rating of the whole experience of purchasing that product from that vendor. However, yes, it is unfortunate that ratings are separated into Product and Purchase experiences.

  • Vin

    Yeah, fantastic analysis, but I don’t have time to read War and Peace.
    This is the review I need:

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Specs != how the device handles. Specs only tell ~40% of the story

      • Vin

        I’ll buy that, but I’m going to be “Devil’s Advocate” (something a Chief Engineer or Quality Assurance would do) and ask:
        1. What does “How the device handles” mean? I could imagine that there might be somethings like which side the USB ports or located or what not, but I don’t have a strong feel for what you mean.
        2. What metric are you using to get this “~40% of the story”? How does one measure “percentage of story”?

  • Alucard291

    Slow day huh?

  • spasypaddy

    ive just picked mine up in london today. its beautiful.

  • Félix Lapointe

    Toshiba Chromebook 2 is nowhere to be found online in Canada…

    • Jim

      Only from but they don’t have any in stock. I was told at the start of january they should have some “later this month, keep an eye out”, so I’ve been checking back everyday… Months almost up and still none in sight. I saw they were back ordered from B&H in the USA too.

  • BKarno

    Thank you so much Joey! I have been following OMG Chrome since I got my first Samsung, and I couldn’t even count the ways which this site and all the work you put into it has helped me get the most out of my Chromebooks and Chrome OS. It’s an honor to have you do a piece on my Toshiba Chromebook 2 review, and I am actually quite overwhelmed by the whole thing. In the end, I just really love my Chrome OS machines, and I want to do as much as I can to help others make an informed decision. The funny is that this was a great day for me not just because you did this story, but because I received my Pixel today! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

  • FILA

    Same processor in the Samsung Chromebook 2. Other then less RAM in the Sammy, I assume the Sammy is just as good, of course not as great as screen or speakers, but I see nit in stores, and you dont really see the flaws

    • Félix Lapointe

      It is a radically different processor… Core i3 vs ARM (Samsung Exynos 5 Octa)

      • David Li

        Which one has the i3?

        • Félix Lapointe

          Turn out the Toshiba is maybe a Haswell Celeron (not sure). But still better than the Samsung. (Samsung has the ARM)

          • BKarno

            Toshiba 2 has a Celeron Bay Trail N2840. The Samsungs have gone to this CPU on the 11.6″, but the 13.3 is still shipping with the Exynos 5

          • FILA

            The samsung Chromebook 2 with Intel, jesus, you would think you would know I was referring to that. Sorry I wasnt clear enough

          • BKarno

            I knew what you were referring to FILA, but Felix was way off.

          • FILA

            Yea my bad, I meant to hit the reply button on Felix, maybe I should post it again, maybe he will see.

          • FILA

            thank you

      • FILA

        The samsung Chromebook 2 with Intel, jesus, you would think you would know I was referring to that. Sorry I wasnt clear enough

  • Andrei Telteu

    I think i would love a Chromeblet (Chrome-tablet // a tablet runing Chrome OS) :)

  • António Miranda

    I think must people see chromebook as a inexpensive “Windows PC” and after getting they get disappointed…

    I had one Chromebook, a Toshiba 1. Wasn’t the best laptop I ever had. Although, I loved the 8h battery, the simplicity of the system, the clean look of Chrome OS and extreme lightweight of the OS in general.

    It’s great for people that use Facebook, twitter, gmail, very little use of documents, excel, etc and need a compact/excelent battery netbook.

    For the price, it’s a damn fine netbook! I would love to have Chrome OS on my Dell!

  • thaifighter

    If only the original Google Chromebook 11 had a better processor, we’d be talking about the perfect little laptop. If they’d refresh it with a Bay Trail, I’d buy two just have a backup in case the new one failed.

  • Underdog

    They need to build a quality affordable 4g LTE model. I have a Samsung 3g and the direct connection is very convenient not having to rely solely on WiFi everywhere I go.