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Thinking of Buying the Toshiba Chromebook 2? Watch this Hands On Video First

Is the Toshiba Chromebook 2 the most anticipated Chrome device of the year? Thanks to its choice to offer an IPS display option, it just might be!

YouTuber nukedpixels has posted a fairly lengthy hands-on video of the device. Unlike the Acer Chromebook, whose performance issues were only flagged up once users started posting their experiences, the Toshiba looks to live up to the high expectations many have for it. 

It’s worth noting that he is reviewing the full 1080p model, which comes with 4GB RAM rather than the 2GB of the standard model. You can see the rest of the specifications in this image below.

The Toshiba Chromebook 2 has already begun shipping in the states but won’t be hitting European shores until next year. Whether you’re mulling a purchase or having to wait, hit play on the video below to get a glimpse of it in action. If you’re stateside you can hit up Amazon to pre-order one for yourself today.

  • The Shirt List

    If you’re not stateside you can still order (pre-order) it. From Japan anyway.

  • Smallwheels

    Now that I know Android apps are coming to Chrome OS I want a touch screen model. I like everything else about this machine. As time goes on I’m sure what I want will be built.

  • Graham Reid

    what site in japan to pre order??, the uk has a long wait

  • hasben10

    I absolutely hate these sluggish celeron processors. My haswell chromebook on the other hand can handle multiple tasks without lagging and gets 7 hours of battery life.

    • wgabi

      It’s not even celeron, I wish it was. I own this machine and I am not that lucky with 1080p videos. To be honest, after using it for a couple of days I can see that pretty much everything is a tad slower and more sluggish than my old Acer c720. Love the screen, but that’s all.

      • Charles

        Yes it is a celeron. But it’s a bay trail celeron which is in fact slower than the previous haswell celeron but promises better batter life.

        • wgabi

          It does need it, since it loads everything slower :-)

      • dave

        why is it that people today think they have a constitutional right to 1080p video? Remember when 720p was mindblowingly incredible? If you really need 1080p then buy a more expensive machine, or better yet, put Ubuntu on that thing, and bypass the evil flash alltogether with minitube or smtube. My Dell D620 from April of 2006 handles 720p fine, 1080p if I download it and play it back in mplayer or VLC. Not hatin’, just sayin’….

        • wgabi

          1080p video was just something to test the performance. I don’t actually use my chromebook to watch videos at all. But I find a bit annoying to wait until my google docs loading on my new Toshiba 2. It is just wrong, it should handle things a bit better. Yes I keep it for now, because of the screen, but I think next time I will buy a Mac. I love chromebooks, but their browser never seem to catch up with one on a real computer. My simple core i3 basic windows machine performs so much better running chrome browser. And “He’s Dead, Jim!” had never showed up. On my chromebooks however, Jim can come anytime :-(

        • ahniwa

          IMO if you are selling a device with a 1080p screen, that device should be able to play 1080p video without issues. It’s not a constitutional right, but they are creating an expectation when they sell a “full HD” chromebook.

      • Rich

        I also wish they gave this one a better processor. At least the Haswell Celeron in the C720, or even better, an i3 processor.

    • Boothy

      You know they are Haswell celerons, right?

      • hasben10

        Well, Im talking about my chromebook with core i3 compared to these baytrail celeron processors.

  • Enzzo

    Chrome on chromebooks use VAAPI
    There is some tweaks to compile chromium on linux to get vaapi too..

  • JeepGCx5

    Got mine yesterday, and I love it. The screen is AMAZING and so is the battery life. Not the fastest processor but it gets the job done….Great machine!!!

    • Rich

      if it had an i3, I’d get it for sure, and be willing to pay more $$$

      • JeepGCx5

        I hear you. I was looking at the Acer i3 but I love the screen quality on this better. I have an ASUS Q550 laptop with an IPS panel and that’s why I went with this one. Octane score on this was 8061, I know the i3 is well beyond that. Hopefully they will keep this panel for future builds and add an i3 processor then it would be just about perfect.

    • JSS00

      What’s the battery life?

      • JeepGCx5

        I have gotten just about 9 hours on a charge

  • x4zta9q4AEsJ5gP

    Needs an i3 and 4G or no sale.

  • JSS00

    It says 9 hour battery life but reports most likely say 6 hours…

  • Rob P

    I have mine and I am in Ireland, thank you Amazon…Happy with performance and battery issues so far..

    • wgabi

      Mine crashed a few times, and I wasn’t even pushing the limits. Unless a 60 pages (text only) google docs is way to much to handle :-(

      And Jim came a few times as well :-(

      None of these happened with my first generation Acer c720.

      I still like my Toshiba, because of its screen. The keyboard and mouse pad are working well too. Battery life great as everyone says.

      I’m not sure if I would by it again if I had the choice, though

    • twilightsection

      Hi Rob – How did you order yours? Did you use amazon or another supplier? What about import duty / vat etc? Wanted to get one for my wife for xmas but there is no definited lauch date for Europe as of yet. Thanks

  • HarryWarden

    Where is everyone getting this? Amazon isn’t shipping it and Best Buy’s website shows it as not available online or for in-store pickup. I really want one but can’t find it for the $329.99 price Toshiba advertised.


    Where and when are they gonna start selling the covers ???

  • wgabi

    I live in Spain and I’m thinking on selling my brand new Toshiba chromebook 2 (4gb, 1080p). I need something more powerful, probably a real laptop. I have paid $439 (€348 with custom fees because it came from the US. If anyone interested let me know. I’m willing to give it away for €250 plus shipping fee. (I think I can only ship it in Spain, because of the lithium battery inside.)

    • Underdog

      The Chromebook is a real laptop. You just have not used it long enough to experience its power and potential.

      • Guest

        3 chromebook, 18 months, I think was enough time. For the money, they are nice, but until they get some better specs, they give me more frustration than joy.

    • Raphael Panier

      I am ! But in belgium. Leave me a message on :)

      • disqus_jPAuZltUcl

        Sorry, I have sold it already.