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Tweetdeck for Chrome Updated With New Interface, Flatter Icon

Twitter’s Chrome app Tweetdeck has been updated. And when I say updated I do mean updated.

The web-based client, available from the Chrome Web Store, sports a cleaner look, improved navigation and a new sidebar offering quick access to a multitude of timeline options.


The Chrome App icon has also lost its subtle gradient, now appearing much flatter:


With the new Chrome Message Centre (and rich notifications) on the horizon I was hoping to find support for these in this update. Alas.

An official release announcement will appear on the Twitter Blog shortly. In the meantime grab the app from the Chrome Web Store:

Tweetdeck for Chrome


  • NETkoholik

    Right click on app icon when opening a new tab, then select “Create shortcut”. Now launch app from shortcuts..

    • Phil Oakley

      I know that. But what I’m saying is why is that not the default? All packaged apps should be launching outside the browser, as far as I know.

      Other manifest_version=2 apps (like CIRC or Text) launch in their own window by default. I’m making a packaged app (for Twitter) and it launches outside the browser. Wonder why Tweetdeck doesn’t?

      • Пиратская морда

        manifest2 and new packaged apps – different things.

        • Phil Oakley

          Hmm. Weird choice though.

    • Michael Goff

      And if it doesn’t show the option to “Create shortcut”?