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Quickly Diagnose And Solve Common Chromebook Issues With This Infographic

troubleshooerMy Chromebook keeps crashing! Applications are freezing up! Why won’t pages load?! 

Any of those frustrated snatches sound familiar? Hopefully not.

But, on the rare occasion that you, or someone you know,  is experiencing issues with their Chromebook, punt over a link to the ‘Generic Chrome OS Troubleshooter Chart’ by Ray Nolan.

His thorough flowchart walks through a series of basic questions until a probable cause or quick fix is identified. And while it can’t diagnose every issue that’s likely to crop up, it’s still a useful way to rule out the most common causes of complaint.

Next time your hear a Chromebook wheezing along with all the enthusiasm of an out of breath snail, see if it works for you!

‘Generic Chrome OS Troubleshooter Chart’ on Imgur

For help with network issues on Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux give Google’s (very awesome) Connectivity app a whirl. 

  • jsebean

    Well I guess it’s good to have this…. even though I can honestly say that for the year I’ve had my chromebook, I’ve had zero issues. Rock solid :D

  • Dan B

    For real – I’ve literally never had an issue with my Samsung Chromebook. Had a friend who had the same model who had a plugin issue that caused Flash not to work, but it turned out he had both Flash plugins installed. Removed the one, restarted and boom. Fixed in a jiff.

  • Mitch

    Had great luck with my 1 year old Samsung chromebook until yesterday. At first it was the loss of curser on screen then the Chrome OS is missing or damaged message came up. I downloaded the OS recovery onto my laptop then saved to a 2 different thumb drives and got the unexpected error has occurred message is up now. Does anyone have any insight into what I can do to recover the OS?