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Updated YouTube Player Has a Fresh Look and Feel

YouTube has seen many variations of its upcoming UI refresh, and they only roll-out to a small subset of lucky users. This recent change makes it more polished than ever.

After loading up the code needed to sneak-a-peak at the recent changes (Here’s how), the first thing you’ll notice is that the UI has been further refined, with more emphasis on featured videos.

A recent YouTube layout

This layout squeezes in more video content into the stream, whilst keeping a minimalist look

Compared to the last time I reported about the major changes to the UI, there is now a small list of video categories to the upper-left of the site, as well as featured videos which have larger thumbnails, and some other minor changes.

This is not what I wanted to talk about today though, take a look at this:

New-Look YouTube Player

There isn’t much in the way of new features, but this newer, flat and slick YouTube player makes the current one look, well old.

An updated version of the YouTube player


Here’s the familiar old one, for your convenience:

The current YouTube player

Wave goodbye to the bland-looking YouTube player!

Still in testing..

These designs are tests, and just that.. Who knows when Google will roll-out these changes to everyone? But lets hope it is sooner rather than later…

What do you think of the new-look YouTube player? Let us know in the comments!

  • Israel Lai

    What’s the difference, other than the flattened style?

    • The flattened style IS the difference.

      • Israel Lai

        OK I get it. Too minor for me…

        • No, the whole site got redesigned except for the Settings, Channel Pages and, the Video Manager.

  • It seems they removed a bottom bar when playing from playlist like Watch Later where I could remove the video after watching. The worst change. The rest is OK, consistent with other Google products.

  • It’s a bit like going backwards, but I’m all for simplification, especially when it comes to UI’s.

  • vs8

    I like at lot. Seeing Google services get the Co cistency treatment is a joy. :)

  • michaelcook

    im getting the new video player ui, but a slightly older overall ui which has now been centered. the iteration featured in the image above has been my favorite so far.

  • jjrudey

    I don’t think lucky is the word here.

  • I like the new look but did it need a change?

  • Phillip Mikesell

    Too bad it doesn’t work in the html5 player :(

  • j m

    the new look is horrible, it gives me headaches when im browsing through videos and looking at the comments, this one isn’t “slick” it just got worse from the other one. If greytube gets any worse than im gonna have to move to zippcast