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Writer Is A Material Design Text Editor for Chrome

Writer is new text editor for Chrome and Chrome OS — and yes, it works offline.

The application makes good use of Google’s material design language to offer a stylish workspace with fluid animated touches and lashing of (optional) colour.

chrome writer app

Various parts of the user interface can be customized to suit your tastes. You can pick from a choice of 7 fonts and 7 colour schemes. Although the font size itself isn’t globally adjustable you can zoom in and zoom out  using ‘Ctrl’ + ‘+’ or ‘Ctrl’ + ‘-‘ shortcuts.

Other features:

  • Saves text as you type
  • Open and save .txt files
  • ‘Add New’ floating action button
  • ‘Full screen’ mode
  • Night mode
  • Remembers customization settings
  • Centered text area

As a simple text editor Writer for Chrome doesn’t have any formatting options; it is simply a notepad. You can’t bold, italic or underline text, and it doesn’t support Markdown like some other editors do.

It’s also not a code editor; developers, at whom text editors typically target, won’t find much use for this. It features no colour coding options, auto-indentation or other syntax niceties found some other text editors available for Chrome, like Zen Code Editor.

But if all you need to do is get on with the task of writing text, with no distractions, no formatting or layout worries, then Writer is well worth a look.

Download Writer for Chrome

Writer is a free download available from the Chrome Web Store.

Writer on the Chrome Web Store

  • idtownie

    I really wish that Google would update the Docs editor to material design.

    • I wish they would update it, period. Sadly it’s lagging behind the other apps in terms of functionality.

    • Boothy

      I wish Google would update everything to Material Design!
      Maybe it’ll happen this decade………………..

      • KeyMs92

        Indeed! Most of all the web calendar. I can’t wait…

    • They started with Google Forms, so I guess Docs won’t be that far away.

  • Ryyck

    Does it save automatically?

    • Degru

      Yes. Even if you don’t specify a file first. It’ll keep whatever’s currently written after you close it, until you create a new file or open another one. If you save it to a file it will automatically save to that file.

  • Francisco Gonzalez

    It will be great if a “Save As” feature is added to the save menu.

    • Degru

      ctrl-a, ctrl-c, new file, ctrl-v, save.

      • Francisco Gonzalez

        I tried your suggestion and I don’t see any “Save As”, when I go into the menu and click on save a new file is down loaded with the first word of my document as the file name. Please clarify. Thanks.

        • Degru

          Copy the contents of the current file, create new one, paste contents into that one, save that file.

  • r4in

    Any tips for book writing editor with auto cloud save feature?

    • ChromeDude

      Try Google Docs – I’ve never lost any piece of work since using it.

  • In that screenie I see too much bluish waste of screen space.

    • JUDGE

      Yup, it doesn’t include the minimal options like in Writebox…

  • lumiina

    I prefer Scribe, but it’s great Chromebook finally has a default notepad app. It was one thing that was really lacking when I got my Chromebook, until I found Scribe.

    • ChromeDude

      Unfortunately it’s not a default – perhaps it should be though…

    • Snark Jacobs

      What app is this you speak of?

  • Tim Castleman

    I like this app, but I love Calmly Writer. It does everything listed and more and at $3, it is a great value. Wrote my last book in it.

  • Martin

    I use the “Ain’t” app. It’s free, it has “Save as…” and you can work on multiple documents at the same time. I wrote my last two books with it.

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  • Drew Ciccotelli

    This little writer is awesome.

  • Snark Jacobs

    How on earth did I miss this!? I have needed “Notepad” forever. Funny how one of the simplest programs possible can make a world of difference.

  • aggelalex

    For me (developer) Caret is doing my job very easily.

  • I will for sure try this editor.It looks interesting with some unique features.

  • Where is the app? Its missing from the store. =[

    • Hmm, so it is. I’ll try and find out what happened to it.

    • madmaxmedia

      The developer removed the app from the store, he said he got way too many complaints about it unfortunately. It is/was a great app-

    • Carlos Santos

      Hi! I’m the developer, I would like to announce that Writer is back up. I decided that the amount of people who actually wanted it outweighed the people who complained about a few things (most had to do with their own computer).

  • holloway_elizabeth

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