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Wunderlist’s New Chrome Extension Puts Your To-Dos in Every Tab

wunderlist new tab page chrome extension

If you love tracking your to-dos then the official Wunderlist New Tab extension will be rocketing to the top of your must-have list.

The add-on brings a lightweight version of Wunderlist to each new tab page you open in Chrome. A text field lets you quickly add a new task while clicking on existing item marks it as done.

A drop down menu lets you select which of your existing lists to view and add items to.

“The Wunderlist New Tab extension replaces your stock New Tab page, so you can easily create and check-off a to-do from your Wunderlist Inbox,” explains the Chrome Web Store description.

The upper-left hand corner has a handy button to open the Chrome Apps Page in a new tab, your account avatar and sign-out link sits in the upper-right, and a discrete review prompt loiters bottom right.

The app uses around 100MB of RAM when a single new tab page is open.

Features wise that is pretty much it. There’s no way to add folders, arrange or sort items nor add/view dates, tags and comments.

The free, fully fledged Wunderlist Chrome App offers those and plenty of other features.

Get Wunderlist New Tab

Wunderlist New Tab is a free extension and is available from the Chrome Web Store. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Chrome OS but requires a (free) Wunderlist account to use.

Install Wunderlist New Tab on the Chrome Web Store

  • Awesome! I use a lot this app and this makes adding an item even faster!

  • I’ve been using it at work for a week now and it’s pretty solid. Only issue I’ve had is having more than one new tab open, which gets a little confusing.

  • Vin

    I wish there was a way that we could have all these New Tab extensions operate together. For example, I click to open a new tab and am asked to select from Momentum or Wunderlust or whatever. Right now, I do not use Wunderlust and, while I am sure it is fantastic, I use Google Keep and Momentum and I am good.

  • This seems to be very ‘inspired’ by the great ‘Momentum’ new tab extension. That said, it’s a very useful piece of software for us Wunderlist users.

  • Vin

    Microsoft just bought Wunderlust.