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[How To] Join the HTML5 Video Trial on YouTube

Did you know that you don’t have to settle for Flash on YouTube? Read on as we show you this quick how-to on how to enable HTML5 to enhance your YouTube experience…

I’m not the biggest Flash fan, mainly because it turns the video into a flicker-fest when attempting to watch in full screen. With the YouTube HTML5 Video Player, I can sit back and relax as it streams full-screen HD videos with virtually no flicker.

I’ll start by saying that this is currently a trial feature, and not all videos are currently supported (but most are).

“Okay, Show Me How”

Just click here to go straight to the HTML5 Video Player page. Make sure you’re using Chrome or any other modern and compatible browser and click the “Join the HTML5 trial” link at the bottom of the page.

Once clicked, you will receive a confirmation message and hey-presto, you’re ready to go. Pretty easy eh?

You should hopefully notice an increase in performance.


  • not working in chromium bleeding channel..

    • PhantomTurtle

      It doesn’t matter which version of Chrome you use, it won’t work on video’s with advertisements on them. Try a video from a channel without Youtube partnership.

  • Peter Hollaubek

    It says I’m already in the trial but I still get the videos as flash. Using the latest stable Chrome.

    • It doesn’t work with videos that have ads.

  • The reason this doesn’t work for many people is because videos with advertisements (e.g. – from YouTube partners like CaptainSparklez) are not yet working with the HTML5 player.

  • Joel dos Santos Almeida

    This is going on for a long time… I activated the option a long time ago, like a year or so

    • Yea this is so old yet no progress whatsoever on the HTML5 player. Still doesn’t work for a lot of vids. LAME!!!

      • PhantomTurtle

        It’s because of the video ads on Youtube. I don’t think they can properly implement it until they can come up with a way to get ads into video. Hopefully they come up with a way because the HTML5 player is awesome compared to the flash player.

    • Lee Jarratt

      Yes it’s old, and that’s why I didn’t post it under “News”. I wasn’t implying it is something new, It is just a how-to for readers who maybe haven’t heard about this yet.

  • Phillip Mikesell

    It sucks that it doesn’t work with the new experimental youtube layout. I hate flash but I love the new layout and the clean black player.

  • Videos that are enabled for advertising (most professional content on YouTube display ads) still Play in the Flash Player. But Here is a trick by which you can Play all videos in HTML5

  • LukeThornley

    Why do videos with ads play on iPad with HTML5 player?