Google’s RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome has been re-added to the Chrome Web Store after being removed by ‘mistake’.

The small add-on, which users noticed missing from the Chrome Web Store earlier this week, provides Chrome with feed subscription options otherwise missing from the browser itself. Google have no plans to add this functionality by default.

But it seems we need not worry.

FInnur Thorarinsson, the developer of the extension, has today given an update on the situation, saying that Google removed the add-on ‘by mistake’.

It has since been re-added to the Chrome store for users to download.

Notable Change

But it’s not been returned entirely as it was. Google Reader and iGoogle options have been removed from the list of supported readers, meaning that you can no longer use the add-on to directly add feeds to your Google Reader account.

Why? Finnur says it’s to prevent new users from ‘getting hooked on reader and then be disappointed in a few months time’.

The extension, which has always been free, is available to install by hitting the button below. Works on any desktop that Chrome does.

RSS Subscription Extension for Google Chrome

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