calendar clock chrome appIf you’ve been looking for a simple way to view a small calendar or view timezones on your Chromebook without hitting the web, you can stop.

The aptly named Calendar Clock is a small Chrome App that does what it sets out to: show you at a glance date and time information.

It’s the epitome of basic; it doesn’t revolutionise computing nor does it do anything more exotic than scratch a common itch.

You won’t find Google Calendar integration baked in, and you can’t add dates, reminders or set alarms.

But for those times when you need to quickly check a date or find out the time elsewhere in the world, Calendar Clock for Chrome shows itself to be an invaluable little tool, especially as it works offline, too.

chrome app timezones


options screen for calendar clock app

A small set of options are included and can be found by clicking on the cog icon in the upper right hand corner of the window. Here you can choose:

  • Set to ‘Always Show on Top’
  • Automatically hide/close when not in focus
  • Start week on a Sunday

Here additional timezones can be added from a pre-populated list of common locales and continents, and any existing clocks removed.


  • Handy way to see date and time at a glance
  • Doesn’t require Chrome/calendar tab to be open
  • Ability to add world clocks
  • Works offline

Install ‘Calendar Clock’ for Chrome

Desktop users may have little use for it, but if you’ve ever found yourself clicking on the Chrome OS clock expecting to see a calendar, this little app should help fill the gap.

Calendar Clock on Chrome Web Store

Chrome Apps calendar clock