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The Most Useful Chrome Extensions Made By Google

The growing collection of 'by Google' add-ons can really help enhance the experience of the various websites and services they provide

31 January 2014

5 Must-Have Chromebook Travel Accessories

A few well chosen and inexpensive accessories can help you get the most out your Chromebook when you're out and about. Here are our top tips...

13 January 2014

The Best Chromebooks of 2013

In this post we take a quick look at the 3 Chrome OS devices released this year that we thought stood out amongst the rest.

29 December 2013

Chrome’s Rich Notifications Are Awesome – And Here’s Why

Chrome's new rich notifications offer some big improvements over the old, webkit pop-ups used in the past. In this post I offer 5 reasons why they're so good.

6 December 2013