Google have since pulled this update with no explanation.

Google has released a new version of their operating system for Chrome device. Version 27 brings many improvements to the Launcher and File Manager.

Since the Aura Desktop was released for Chrome OS last year, the Chrome team have been slow rolling out improvements. Today’s update sees many improvements and changes to the desktop.

What’s New in Chrome OS 27

Support has been added for Panel windows. This feature lets certain applications, such as Google’s new Hangouts app, to appear ‘docked’ in the Launcher so they can be accessed at all times, regardless of what you’re doing.

Google's new Hangouts app in 'Panel' mode
Google’s new Hangouts app in ‘Panel’ mode

The launcher can now be positioned on the left, right and top of the screen; to suit your workflow. Right-click on the launcher to bring up positioning options.

Screenshot 2013-03-15 at 16.38.34

Another launcher-related tweak is the introduction of app lists to open items. Apps in the launcher will now display a list of all the open instances of that particular app and the “Chrome” icon will display a list of all the open tabs (think of Windows 7 jump lists).

Chrome OS 27 adds "Jump List" Style Feature
Chrome OS 27 adds “Jump List” Style Feature

If your trackpad supports it, you can use horizontal three finger scrub to move between tabs.

The File Manager now has a new folder hierarchy display, making it faster to navigate to the right folder. Also, the search field will now autocomplete.


Hardware support has also been improved in this release.

Memory management optimisation has been achieved on low memory devices, benefitting users of the early Chromebook models.

Enhanced support for common wireless touchpads/mice has been added, including the ability to display battery indicator of a wireless mouse. Users of Apple’s Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse will be pleased to know that these are supported, too.

Additionally, Pepper Flash has been updated to 11.7.700.202-r2 and GTalk plugin has been updated to The Chrome Office Viewer extension has also been updated.

Finally, this release includes many bug fixes, performance and security improvements.

Like with every Chrome OS release, it also includes the latest updates to the Chrome browser. Check out our news post about the Chrome 27 update which is included in this release of Chrome OS.

Chrome OS 27.0.1453.103 is available now for all Chrome devices, including the Samsung Chromebook. Devices will be receive updates over the next several days.

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