Samsung Chromebook and ChromeboxChrome OS has doubled its marketshare in the last five months, a report from ad network Chitika claims. 

The company say visits from Chrome OS accounted for 0.2% of all US and Canada traffic to websites within its network between September 2013 and January 2014. This was up from 0.07% reported over a year ago.

This share of North American traffic is almost as small as the number of websites the stat is drawn from; Chitika track just 300,000 websites. 

‘Chitika tracks just 300,000 websites’

300k websites is a sizeable sample base from which to draw data, but it pales in comparison to that used by other analytics companies.

Chromebooks remain big sellers on Amazon, while the adoption of Chrome OS by education and businesses continues to rise thanks to the positioning of the cloud-centric OS as safe, secure and more manageable alternative to Windows and Mac OS X.

With more device makers set to launch Chrome OS devices in the coming months one thing is known for certain: the Chrome OS marketshare is only going to rise.

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