At this year’s Pwnium event hosted by Google, hackers would unable to exploit Chrome OS. However, partial exploits are currently being reviewed.

Earlier today, we posted news that the Chrome browser was beaten at this year’s Pwn2Own hackerfest, in which an exploit was found in the latest stable release. Google is hosting a similar event this week, called Pwnium. The aim for this event is to award hackers for finding exploits in Chrome OS.

Researchers were using Samsung Series 550 with the latest stable version of Chrome OS.

Google has reported that no exploits were discovered in this year Pwnium event. However, the Chrome OS team is currently reviewing partial exploits.

Google offered a $3.14159 million in total for any exploit that would break out of the Chrome sandbox, with bonus points, and money, if the attack resulted in complete control of the device.

The top prize was $150,000 (€110,000) for an attack that would take over the device and be persistent between reboots and users. $110,000 (€82,000) was offered for a successful but non persistent attack.

We will update this post if Google has confirmed any exploits and details on the security update release for Chrome OS.

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