Chromecast will dance to a new tune in 2015 with the announcement of Cast for Audio, a streaming solution that lets you ‘cast your favourite music from your mobile device to your speakers.’

Cast for Audio works like Chromecast does on a TV except rather than needing to buy and connect a dongle, the support is  built into the speakers, sound-bar, headphones or any other noise-emitting device hardware makers want.

Think: ‘Nexus Q meets Apple AirPlay’.

cast audio
Cast for Audio

The feature will work just like Chromecast does today, except rather than seeing content you hear it. With the tap of the ‘Cast’ button you will be able to pump audio from any ‘cast ready’ app on Android, iOS or the web — be it YouTube, Pandora, Podcast Addict, BBC iPlayer, etc. — straight to a compatible speaker.

And just like normal Cast apps you will be able to control volume, playback and more.

LG, Sony and Denon will be among the first hardware companies making and selling ‘Cast Ready’ speakers, set to launch stateside in the spring.

Going Beyond

Aside from the audio-only plan, Google also says general Cast functionality (i.e., like normal Chromecast) will be available in new devices over the coming year, including set-top boxes, TVs and even games consoles — no need to buy or attach a Chromecast dongle.


  • ‘Cast for audio’ will be built into speakers, soundbars, and similar devices
  • Enables content to be ‘cast’ from an Android, iOS or web device direct to sound equipment
  • LG, Sony and Denon will produce the first ‘Cast for Audio’ speakers, more will follow
  • Regular Chromecast functionality will be offered in TVs, set-top boxes, and more
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