Dell Chromebox Keyboard
Dell Chromebox Keyboard

Dell has started selling a wired, full-sized USB Chrome keyboard on its US store, and intends to make it available for purchase elsewhere in the coming weeks.

The accessory is listed as “designed for” use with Dell’s Chromebook and Chromeboxes but will work with any operating system. Naturally, given the layout and Chrome OS shortcut keys, you’re going to get the most mileage out of it by using it with a Chrome device.

Cheap Chiclet Style

dell cbk with kickstand

The device is powered by a USB port so isn’t quite the cable-free wireless wonder like those offered by ASUS.

But on the plus side it has a large typing surface, chiclet keys and a little kickstand to give you decent height. It’s also full-sized with a number pad, something that Chromebox keyboards do often lack.

If you regularly use your Chromebook in “docked” mode (hooked up to a monitor) or you bought a Chromebox that wasn’t part of a keyboard/mouse bundle deal, this is not just a pretty great buy, it’s pretty much the only buy.

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Thanks to Neil R!

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