Chrome OS users could soon get the ability to access, edit and sync files to cloud storage services other than Google Drive.

A new ticket on the Chromium Bug Tracker proposes the idea of letting 3rd-party services, like Dropbox and SkyDrive, integrate into the Chrome OS file manager, ‘Files’.

These services would appear as entries in the sidebar of Files, and list their contents when selected.

By default only Google Drive is supported natively.

Good Idea

The idea makes sense for an OS so strongly tied to the cloud. Many web-apps available form the Chrome Web Store even integrate into services like Dropbox for file fetching, saving and editing.

But whether or not this idea – as great as it sounds on paper – happens is yet to be decided. The feature request is just that: a request.

For the optimistic amongst you, find solace that the feature was requested by a Chromium team member and not a random member of the public.

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this…

Thanks to Craig Tumblison
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