Something has been cooking in Google’s labs, and it’s for the Google Play Music website.

Every now and again I like to check out what’s new in the ‘labs’ section of various products, and I got giddy when I saw that Google have recently added the “View Track Comments” lab to the roster.

It does what it says on the tin; when enabled you will have the option to add a comment to the song selected. This could be useful for storing additional information about the track, like BPM or for adding multiple genres.

New lab which enables a comments field
The comments field when editing song information

The Other Experiments

There are now 4 labs available to use in Google Play Music, and I think they’re all worth enabling.

I find the 5-Star Ratings lab really useful as I can’t just give a song in my music collection either a thumbs up or down.

The Desktop Notifications lab is really useful as well, once enabled you don’t have to keep clicking back on the tab to see what song is playing as it will pop-up in the corner of your screen upon the playing of a new track.

You can read more on enabling the HTML5 player for Play Music, a great alternative to using the Flash player.

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