Google has finally released its next-generation bookmarking extension on the Chrome Web Store.

The extension superpowers Chrome’s bookmarking prowess with a slew of new features, a swish new design and ‘the smarts of Google Search’.


When installed the add-on, which was previously known as ‘Google Stars’ but has been rebranded to the less colourful ‘Bookmark Manager‘ for its public arrival, replaces Chrome’s built-in bookmarking features.

The interactive bookmark popover


Reviewing leaks of earlier builds for ‘dog fooding’ purposes, we praised it for bringing browser bookmarking bang up to date’.

Key features include:

  • One click save with image thumbnail and notes
  • Folder suggestions when bookmarking pages 
  • Improved search scans page content for matches
  • Bookmarks automatically organised by topic
  • Public sharing features
  • Archives ‘dead links’
old vs new card select
old vs new card select

Changes since last ‘leaked’ build

If you have a leaked build of ‘Stars’ installed you should find yourself automatically updated to the new ‘public’ version over the coming days.

You’ll notice a few minor differences in the public release, including a sidebar entry for ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’ and narrower item cards with right-hand select marks and a new field highlight during editing.

Sadly, the “list view” mode has not made the jump from the last nightly build to this first public release.

Install Bookmark Manager for Chrome

The revamped bookmarking add-on is available for Google Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Bookmark Manager on Chrome Web Store

When switching to the new Bookmarks Manager all your existing saved pages, folders and hierarchies will transfer over, and image thumbnails and descriptions applied where available.

  • Source: Chrome Web Store (thanks Sam H.)
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