Rumoured since the launch of the Chromecast, HBO GO has recently appeared on one of Google’s Chromecast pages.

The now removed HBO Go tile (image courtesy of Droid Life)
The now removed HBO GO tile (image courtesy of Droid Life)

Only weeks following the launch of Pandora and Hulu Plus support, the appearance of HBO GO in the lineup is a welcomed sight for subscribers of the premium cable channel. HBO is home to popular programs like Game of ThronesBoardwalk Empire, and Veep.

The appearance, however, is not accompanied by an updated app with Chromecast support or any official announcements by Google or HBO.

Little is known about when an updated HBO GO app will actually drop, but odds are the functionality will be more or less the same as it is with Netflix and Hulu Plus: a simple cast button in the toolbar when playing any HBO content and (hopefully) a queue to keep content rolling without having to pick up your smartphone every hour.

As HBO has apps for both Android and iOS, it’s possible Chromecast support could also be coming to both platforms, as it has for Hulu Plus, Netflix, and even Google Play Music – making its debut on iOS today.

Details are sparse and the errant tile has already been removed from the Chromecast page, but HBO subscribers will soon have another way to enjoy their content.

If you’re still humming and hawing over buying a Chromecast – discounted to $29.99 at several retailers for Black Friday – you can check out our hands on with the device for more details.

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