Google's Revamped Camera App In Action
Google’s Revamped Camera App In Action

Say cheese! A revamped version of Google’s Camera web-app is now rolling out through the Chrome Web Store. 

The update isn’t a surprise; we showed you how to install a development version of the snap-tastic tool for yourselves a few months back. With the app now stable enough for wider use those steps have become obsolete. If you have the old Camera app installed in Chrome or on your Chromebook then you’ll automatically find it updated to the new version at some point in the coming weeks.

What It Does

As Camera apps go Google’s offering is fairly basic: it’s designed to let you take quick selfies using your computer’s webcam, with a range of live filters, distortions and tints on hand to make things a bit more exciting. Anyone familiar with Apple’s PhotoBooth app will instantly feel at home.

So far that’s all it does, though other features are planned for the app, including short video clip recordingYouTube & Google+ uploading and photo syncing across Chrome accounts.

How To Use It

Pressing the red camera button above the filter strip (or hitting the Enter/Return key) instantly takes a photo. Unlike other apps there is no ‘countdown’ to let you adjust your posture, something I feel is a bit of a drawback.

Accessing snaps taken is simple enough: you click the photo icon button to the right of the filter strip. From there you can preview your mugshots or choose to save images to a more convenient location. A quick press of the white back arrow returns you back to the live camera view.

How to Get It

Camera is a free app for Google Chrome, and works on Linux, Windows, OS X and Chrome OS. While the update version is not yet live on the Web Store it is expected to arrive soon.

Install ‘Camera’ From Chrome Web Store

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