news castA new Chromecast didn’t emerge on stage at Google I/O 2015 but details of new features did. 

New Chromecast APIs will make it easier for games developers on Android, iOS and the web to add interactive multiplayer support to their software.

New Chromecast Game APIs

Open the app stores on Android and iOS and you’ll find Cast ready quiz apps like Big Quiz and crowdfunded Buzzb to glossy multiplayer re-workings of well-loved board games from Hasbro.

But these sort of games are few in number and limited in type. Popular immersive 3D racers, action platformers and puzzle games have yet to level up with multiplayer Cast ready features.

Hoping to change that is the new Game Manager API and new Remote Display API.

Remote Display API

driver speedboast paradise chromecast app

We’re all familiar with the idea of using our smartphone or tablet as a ‘controller’ to play a Cast enabled game.

The Remote Display API builds on this in best possible way. It lets games makers turn smartphone and tablet screens into a true second screen experience will still being able to take advantage of motion controls in the process.

Think part Wii U gamepad, part Wii nunchuck.

Ubisoft’s Driver: Speedboat Paradise is being used to demo the new API, as you can see in the press image above.

“The new Remote Display API allows mobile developers to build a tailored, integrated second screen experience, without requiring an identical mirroring of content between mobile devices and [the receiver],” explains Google.

The Remote Display API isn’t confined solely to gaming either. Expect to see many of the apps that currently ‘mirror’ their contents to the TV rework their controller elements in new and interesting ways.

Game Manager API

The Game Manager API will simplify the way developers can add multiplayer support to Chromecast games on mobile platforms.

The new API will handle the management of every device connected to the Cast receiver as part of the game. It will keep track of each player, what they’re doing with their device, and sync relevant data across all screens (useful for showing positions on a racetrack, high scores, etc).

Level Up

Both of these APIs should help improve the breadth and innovation of games that sport Cast ready features.

Which games would you love to make use of these new APIs? 

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